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I am really disappointed in my Sears Craftsman power washer. I bought it 2 years ago.

I've used it less than 10 times. I hookup water and go to start it and the pump freezes up to where you can barely pull the starter cord. After I unhook everything and wait 15 minutes I go and try to start it and the engine starts. So I know it's in the pump.

I'm really disappointed in this product. All my power lawn equipment is sears craftsman and I am very loyal sears customer, however this has given me reason to pause. To replace the pump it would cost me $200.

I think sears should pick up the cost. If they don't I will be shopping elsewhere in the future.

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Sears Response

Hollenstine, have you talked to a Sears employee about this?


Power/pressure washers are notorious for the pumps failing! Name brands are no exception.

In almost all cases, it is the customers fault.

Depending on the climate, improper storage will ruin the pump. In freezing climates, the unit should be stored inside a heated area for the winter.

Leaving the unit freeze, even if you believe it to be drained, will ruin the pump if there is even a small amount of water in it. These pumps are made from Aluminum, and even a small amount of water will freeze and expand to crack the housing and/or ruin the impeller.

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