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Last March I purchased a Top Of The Line Sears Craftsman Garden Tractor. When it was delivered it was just dumped in the garage, one week later they had to come for service because the tractor did not run nor could you even move it.

Two months later there was a problem with the mower deck, they came, ordered a part and scheduled a call for the next week, part came, day of the service they called and cancelled at 10:00 am, made appointments and they cancelled them all on the day of service for 6 straight weeks, I had to alter my work schedule or have my mother or grandmother come and sit for 9 hours because they could not give a better time frame for them to cancel. I called twice to complain, nothing happened. Then in November when they were doing an oil change the filter was on so tight from the factory they cracked part of the engine and had to replace 1/2 of the engine, parts came made an appointment, yet again they cancelled two times, and I complained and nothing happened. When they finally came and fixed it they messed up the transmission and it only work in 1st gear 2,3,4,5,and 6th gears were out.

Made a service appointment, they cancelled once, when they came they said it was a belt and left, didn't solve the problem, made another service call and complaint, cancelled two times, when they came they didn't even look at the tractor, just ordered a new belt and transmission, by this time I had talked to many people at Sears trying to ultimately get a complete refund which they refused to do, nor would they replace the tractor. They cancelled the appointment to replace the transmission because it was on back order and they said would be at least two-four months before it would be in stock, this was the beginning of March, I finally forced someone atr Sears to listen to me and pull up our service record and they finally realized there was an issue from day one and granted a replacement, and told us that we had so much credit and to pick something because our model was discontinued, we picked one and it was a tiny tractor, they dropped it off and when they took the old tractor they did took all of the mounting hardware for the snow plow we purchased fo it,and two days later they called for a delivery date, they had no record of anyone coming and picking up the tractor, they came picked up the little tractor and left someone else's tractor. We have never had so much hastle with service and lack of quality.

Our family has been very loyal Sears customers buying only Craftsman and Kenmore items for over 60 years. no one in our family will EVER purchase anything from Sears Roebuck ever again, we are so pissed off we all cancelled our accounts ther and I have filed a Complaint with the Attorney General and hopefully we can get all of our money back so we can go and buy a real tractor.

Monetary Loss: $2500.

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Sears does not value holding onto their customers with good service for their products. It may be due to their purchase by K-Mart.

A.N. Onymous

Good for you!!! Cancel everything you have and give them the finger.

60 years of being a loyal consumer use to mean something, heck, 5 years of being loyal use to mean a great deal. Now adays it means that' you've been suckered for that long and that you'll probably be a sucker even longer.

Sooner or later the customer service industry will come to the conclusion that they will need to stand behind their products and waranties or risk going out of business. I hope that it's sooner rather than later.