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I purchased a new walk behind, self propelled Craftsman mower in September of 2011. I used the mower twice last season and then stored it for the winter. This year I got the mower out of the garage for its first use in April. Put fresh gas in it, checked oil (this is important for later...) and topped off the oil as it was a little low. Mower started up after a few pulls (I was expecting problems but this went well). Ran the mower for about 5-10 minutes and all of a sudden it died. I checked to see if it had bogged down or was clumped up under the deck, no issues there. I tried to restart and it would not. I figured it was overheated for some reason and let it cool for 10 minutes. Mower would not restart. I called Sears customer service and warranty center. They talked me through trying to start the mower without the gas cap as "they have had trouble with the gas caps sealing". This did not work. I was told to take the mower to my local Sears for warranty repairs.

When I arrived at Sears, I unloaded the mower, took it to the drop off station and was turned away. Aparently they are not allowed to have gas in the engine. They also informed me that "there is no way we can drain it for you here" and I was told to go back home, drain the gas and oil (yes drain both gas and oil) and return. Obviously I was not very happy at this point. Went home, drained the mower and returned to the drop off center. Filled out forms and was told someone would be in touch within 2 weeks... Seemed strange but OK.

I just got a call today that the ESTIMATED REPAIR COSTS would be $258!!! Excuse me? I asked about the warranty and was told that "the technician beleives the mower was run without oil and therefore you caused the damage. this is not covered under the warranty." I requsted to be transfered to a supervisor and then further explained the situation as written above. I was simply told "no, you ran the mower without oil and we will not warranty it." Clearly I did not run the brand new mower without oil on the first start of the year. I am not an *** nor would I have taken it for warranty repair if I thought it was my fault the mower broke. Did they ever stop to think that maybe a part broke in the mower causing it to run dry of oil and therefore the mower broke? No likely not, they found a loop hole and are refusing to stand behind their products. This is unacceptable.

People purchase from Sears and buy Craftsman products because they beleive in the company and the quality. We also trust that the company will stand behind their products and they so adamently advertise. That is why we pay MORE to have these products than we could if we went to Lowes or Home Depot. I am furious that I trusted a dying company that obviously can no longer afford to stand behind its products. It is no longer the same company that my grandfather and father trusted. It is sad to say but another giant seems to be falling and is going to throw away the principles that gained them loyal followers for generations.

Monetary Loss: $483.

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Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada #703445

I also purchased a Craftsman mower from Sears end of May of 2012- with a Briggs and Stratton 6.75 - 190 cc engine.. fast start , no priming required. it is not a self propelled mower.

Second time out with the mower last year it died and would not restart. I took it in - it took 4 weeks to get it back. When I got it back finally, it still wouldn't start.. I tried to call the repair center - but you can't talk to them.. you can only talk to a central service that tells you to take the mower back again. It's an hours drive away from my home. I just filled it up with gas that I'll have to empty again... I was on the phone for 2 hours - most of it on hold - trying to talk to someone. Finally I gave up and called the store where I bought it.. and the lady I talked to asked if I had bought it on my Sears card - and I had, so she told me to bring the mower in and she would replace it !! So I did and she did - that was the end of July 2012.

It's now August 2013 - last weekend the mower wouldn't start. It still has a warranty.. but here goes the ordeal again.. get the gas out. Drive an hour to take it in.. give them a $50 deposit and wait 4 weeks to get it back. Never mind what am I going to do with the lawn for 4 weeks. And if they try to say I did something wrong, I am out my $50.. and maybe my mower if they say the repair is not covered and is too expensive..

So my great Craftsman mower (and not a cheap one) - has proven to be

a headache.. and I would say a lemon, except this is not one mower - it's two....

I am far too busy for this c____ !

AE Service

Dear Crackerz88,

My name is Stephanie L. and I am part of the A&E Solutions team and we have just come across your post. We are sorry to hear you have had troubles with your new lawn mower; we understand how important it is to have it in functioning condition especially at this time of year. We are especially sorry for the poor service you received. We expect our associates to build customer relationships at it does not seem this happened. We would like to contact you and speak to you further about your experience. At your convenience please contact our office at so we can further discuss your concerns. In the email please provide us with a contact number and the phone number the lawn mower is listed under and we will contact you directly. In addition please include your screen name Crackerz88 in your email for reference to your issue and we do look forward to talking to you soon.

Thank you,

Stephanie L.

A&E Solutions Team

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