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My complaint here is not on the Retail/Store side of Sears but their Sears credit cards which are operated by Citibank. They are ***. Besides having high interest rates. They tried to rip me off.

I got a Sears card to buy some tires for my car. They had a special promotion where I got 10% off for using a Sears card. Originally I was just going to pay with another credit card but the 10% savings on using their credit card was a good enticement, so I applied and was approved.

2 months go by and no credit card or statement in the mail(the purchase was made using a temporary shopping pass on the day I applied and made the purchase) So I called Sears Credit and they had the wrong billing address, which I thought was funny being when I applied for the card the girl at the store entered all my info with my Drivers license and verified the information was correct.

So Sears Credit apologized and said they would correct it. Another month goes by and again no card or statement. So I called again, again this time they still had the wrong billing address and told me they had tried sending me my statements and card and kept having them sent back for having the wrong address. I would have figured being they have my home phone number they would have called to verify that they had made a mistake being 3 months had past.

They finally corrected their mistake. I still never got the card but I did get a billing statement and on it are late charges and no payment received charges. On top of that they sent a letter saying they would not honor the 10% markdown on the purchase I made being they hadn't received any payments and have to charge me full. That had me fuming, cause it was their mistake and they were penalizing me.

I called Sears credit had them connect me to a supervisor and I explained how they screwed up and asked why i should suffer charges for their incompetence. They weren't very apologetic this time, they even tired to blame the associate who opened my sears card for inputting the wrong info, which I thought was *** up being the information she gathered was from my drivers license just by inputting the license number. The service I received was really good from the associate and the autocenter on the day I bought my tires, they aren't to blame, the credit people are!!!

In the end I had all the charges retracted and got the honored the 10% markdown. But I closed the account and have since paid it off.

I will shop again at Sears but never get one of their credit cards again!

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Sears has some of the highest interest rates in the industry.


I'm very sorry to hear that I knoiw how ya feel! My husband went through the same thing and was treated like an ***!