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I called sears to make a settlement offer for my mother in law. He husband recently dies and her income due to his military income was cut in less than half.

then her ssi was also reduces. I was making an offer to them for a cash settlement, they indicated they were not interested in an Offer. They indicated that they would put a lien on her home. Well her home does not belong to her, she signed it over to me in 2004, over 4 yrs ago, and I have been making payments on it since then and the papers filed at the court house records, with a QCD.

they indicated they were going to send me to their fraud records and turn me in for fraud. What fraud has been done? nothing states in Oklahoma that a person cannot sell their home to a person with a QCD. They are going to investigage this.

Who are they to state that a person cannot sell their home?

They should of taken the settlement, now I have found out that if a person is put in a nursing home and state takes over their payments for that, the patient only received $50.00 a month of their income and state receives the rest, now they will not receive any money, becasue state takes it all and there will not be any funds to pay them back.

Their Loss! They screwed up

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If your mother in law wasnt on the card, and just in your father in laws name/credit then she doesnt owe them anything - noo money.