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I cannot understand how Sears figures their credit card applications fair. I have a credit rating in the 700's and nothing bad on my credit (heck, I just bought a home and a new car!).

But, I was turned down becasue of too many credit pulls and too many new accounts. These are directly related to student loans through Wells Fargo in which they disperse their loans quarterly and it appears as if I have 2 loans opening every 3 months (one is subsidized and one is unsubsidized). I make over $100,000 a year and have great credit otherwise but they refused to manually look over my credit to see that. They told me that they only look at what the reasons stated for the scoring and not the actual credit itself.

How can they run a buissness like this? It is unfair and they have lost a potential great customer. I went to Lowes and they not only gave me a credit card, but they have my buissness from now on.

And I need things for my new home I would have (and until recently) went to Sears for the home repair and services they provide. Now Lowes has my buissness.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Repair.

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obviously you work for them so I will grant you the brain washing you seem to be under. Applying for credit has ALWAYS hurt your credit, that is not new.

My arguement was simply that they refused a customer that has always paid her bills on time- current score is (782 thank you). I think you answered out of frusteration that I make so much more than you.

I know Sears doesn't pay their employees much. Next time, leave the replies to those who have an intelligent response to add- not your attempt to attack my intelligence.


Well genius... if you pay attention to the news you would know that applying for loans and credit cards counts against your credit now.

AND they are raising the bar for applicants because there have been too many idiots who never paid their bill cuz Sears was too nice. And I'm glad Lowes has your business because Sears doesn't need another pissy customer.

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