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I am utterly pissed, angry, frustrated and everything in between. I went to Sears to buy a new washer and dryer since we are moving and don't own one now.

I always had great service at Sears so I went there. Needless to say they will NEVER see me there again. We applied for the card to be able to finance the machines. They gave us a limit of 400$.

We have great credit so I don't see how this could happen. I call them, they tell me to CANCEL it and re apply by entering the items and prices that we wanted. Ok, so we do that.. 250$ credit limit...

REALLY!?! Call back. "We're sorry, you were misinformed and have ruined your credit by applying twice. Sorry for the inconvenience." Is there nothing you can do?!

"Sorry mam, nothing we can do." Wow.

So we went to best buy where they gave us 2000$ credit limit and 18 months financing.

So Sears credit card.. you will NEVER SEE A CENT OF MY HARD EARNED MONEY!

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I've had a Sears credit card since 1977. Imagine my suprise a few years ago when I went to buy 2 kitchen appliances and found out my credit limit was a whopping $1,000.

I've consistantly spent approx $100-$150 a month at Sears on average over all those years and was never late on any a payment(always in full), NEVER. When I complained, they raised my limit all the way to $2500. I make $140K a year and have an 830 credit score.

I don't shop at Sears any longer. They were once a great company but no more.


Hi Joebear, I'm sorry we lost your business, and that we upset you. I realize you took your business elsewhere, but I would like to have your experience reviewed to see if we could have done better.

If you have a moment, please send me an email with a link to this post.

Kind regards,

Mike Cardace, Citi


citibank,,,,,,I refuse to do any business with this organization

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