Austin, Texas

All I wanted is to buy a shoe, which cost 60 dollars, the representative said i gt 20 dollar discount for the card.

I fell for it, today I REGRET that moment. now i have 90 day late payment of 189 dollars, I never even received the card. my CREDIT SCORE got affected by 90 points.

Never ever will i get another RETAIL card in my life

I CAUTION everyone on buy SEAR CREDIT CARD in the name of discount.

SEAR CARDS cheat customers big time, they never even issue the card, never called no communication. HATE SEARS HATE HATE !

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Credit Card.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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I recently purchased 4 pairs of shoes at Sears. When I arrived at the purchase counter, a sales clerk asked me if I wanted to save 30% by applying for a Sears Credit card.

I quickly declined due to being in a hurry. But the cashier persisted and said it will only take one minute. Well, the one minute turned into 20 minutes. Customers were getting impatient and so was I.

Then the cashier gave me the phone in order to speak to the credit staffers . They asked in duplicate everything the sore clerk asked and more. Then I finally handed her the phone and she hangs up and informs me; I was denied credit. At this point I was furious.

I am 65 years old and never been turned down in my life. I have just sold my home after 22 years. Made a huge profit and put it all in the bank. Furthermore, I retired as a Sheriff in a major municipality and served 30 years.

In addition, I retired from the US Navy (law enforcement ) for over 21 years. I held a Top Secret Clarence up until a few years ago.

As a result, I contacted the Sears Creditors and gave them a piece of my mind.

I also informed them that I will never return to Sears again. They are officially off my list.


SEARS/CBNA ISSUE in credit report

you can write to

Trans Union LLC

P.O. Box 1000

Chester, PA 19022

write a letter attach a ur id card copy and credit report and tell them take it off your credit report if u never applied it.


Ok sears stop trying to save your *** with these Anon comments! Be careful workers will sneakily apply you to both cards and if you're denied your credit score gets dinged twice!!!

They have to get a certain number of credit apps to retain their hours! *** sears.


This post was over a year old but incase anyone else is going through this same issue, let customer service know you have recieved the bill or card and the 90 days delinquent will be corrected since it was not your fault. Just fiy :)




I have a sears credit card and have had no problems I don't rely on estatements I check my statement monthly and when i talk to any customer service I try to make sure Im not rude and have a good attitude cause I usually get back what i give.


Sears electronic statements aren't very functional. I had a $30 balance on my account and paid it off completely.

I didnt receive an e-statement after going paperless for several months until I finally received a letter in the mail from Citi bank that my account was more than 60 days past due with a balance of $35. Sears had charged me a small $2 account fee after I paid off my account and I never received an e-statement showing a balance still owed, so I didn't pay it. They were able to then add late fees to the balance and increase my interest rate significantly. I paid the fees to take care of the issue right away but the damage to my credit is already done.

The account now shows as a "negative" account on my credit report, even though I've been a stellar customer for 5 years with Sears and there is no balance on the account and no delinquency shown in the account details. My recommendation would be to not rely on receiving an electronic credit card bill/statement and log in systematically every month to check this particular account, if you're going to use them.

On a side note: I also had a Sears employee tell me that I couldn't use my store card for certain purchases in the store. She advised there was a difference in cards for "large ticket" items like electronics and appliances (which is the card I had) and that for smaller purchases like clothes and housewares I needed a different card.

This turned out to be false and now I have a closed credit account on my credit report also because they issued a second card with a tiny credit limit that I simply didn't actually need or want. I believe she was just trying to increase her credit card openings and lied in order to do so.

So be aware that, while there are several Sears cards available - you only need one to shop the entire store. :grin


Same circumstance happened to me. I bought something at Sears with my Sears Credit Card.

Never got a bill.

Checked my Credit report and Sears/CBNA gave me a bad report that I was 30+ days overdue. :cry I'm pissed.


Sears is one of the largest ripoff companies in the world.I had a sears credit card for about 10 year's.Althought i never shop sears because i did not like their adult clothes.I still maintained a sears credit card just in case.Now let me get to the good part.When i did use my sears credit card.I have you to know that their were (4)Different disability insurance's placed on my bill when the credit card statement arrived.I did not approve neither disability insurance.My God why?Would anyone need (4)Disabilty insurance's.So i telephoned sear's to inquire about this matter.I have never in my 63 year's been spoken to in that manner by any customer service rep.On the top of that she lied and Stated they had my signature for the (4)Different disability insurance's,I asked for a copy to be sent to me.Because i never have approved of extra insurance on any credit card i have had.Number one i will never purchase any more on a credit card than i can pay in full when the statement arrives.I asked to speak to a supervisor and The *** hung up in my face.From that moment on as far as i was concern sear's could kiss where the sun does not shine.I refuse to spend my hard earned money with any company that lie's and Cheat their customer's.So what i did was to pay the bill all except the (4)Disbility insurance's and Closed my account.Sear's still at this time call and Send mail to try and Try to get me to get another sear's credit card.But guess what?Never will that happen in this life time.I will never shop at sear's ever again.They are disrepectful and They cheat their customer's.So to everyone that has a sear's credit card,Please read each statement from top to bottom to make sure you are not being ripped offby sear's.


Are you freaking kidding me?!?! YOU signed up for a credit card, didn't get it for some reason, and said what?

Oh well, guess I won't call Sears and ask about it, and I guess I don't OWE THE BILL ANYMORE. I mean seriously? Does anyone take any responsibility for anything anymore? This is YOUR fault!!

Unbelievable. :roll :roll


If you don't understand that you must PAY BACK what you charge on credit cards, don't open any. PERIOD.