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After 14yrs of being a loyal Sears card holder, I got a letter in the mail today stating that because of a review of my account my card would not be renewed.Laughable enough, one of the reasons is *insufficient length of credit history*!

I called the customer service number to verify that after 14 yrs I was denied and got told that I could dispute any charges with Equifax and when any disputes were settled I could then REAPPLY for a new account!! NO THANK YOU!! In these 14 yrs I have never had an outstanding account and while I may have been a few days late on a payment (which I get charged $25 for), I have never not paid my account and usually make 2 payments a month on every credit card I have over the min amount due. In the last 5yrs alone I have purchased a washer, dryer, microwave, oven, tv, dishwasher, plus several other small household items and appliances including clothing all from Sears.

Well, never again!

They and all businesses associated with them have officially lost my business for life!Looks like I'll be going to Lowes or HHGregg to purchase my new refrigerator now!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.


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