I purchased a Craftsman weedwacker and while assembling it I noticed that a trimmer head listed in the parts manifest was not in the box. I called the number listed in the owner manual for damaged or missing parts to request the missing trimmer be sent to me.

The first customer service representative did not know how to order a part to be sent to me so he transfered me to his supervisor. I explained to the supervisor that I was missing a trimmer head and could he send me one. The supervisor said he would SELL me a trimmer head but he would not send me one for free. I calmly asked him to look in the owners manual for the parts listing and see for himself that a trimmer head was included.

He said the manuals were generic and printed for all weedwackers and therefore didn't apply to my weedwacker. I told him that the owners manual cover only specifies my weedwacker and the Model number is referenced throughout the manual. At that point the supervisor became very indignent and rude and starting calling me *** for thinking he was going to send me a trimmer head for free. He then rudely asked me if there was anything else he could do and I asked him for the address of Sears Customer Service as I was going to file a complaint about my treatment by him.

He quickly rattled off an address that I couldn't even understand and humg up. To say the least I was very angry with Sears. I have purchased many products from Sears for years and have previous to this incident been very satisfied with them. I started searching on the Internet that evening for the Sears Customer Service department address and came across this site.

I started reading some of the complaints and noticed that there were responses for Searscares.com that seemed to address the complaint issues. So before writing a complaint on this site I send an e-mail to Searscares.ocm about my problem with the weedwacker and Sears customer service not really expecting too much. To my surprise I received an e-mail back from Andrea at Searscares.com telling me she would investigate my complaint. After some more e-mails and telephone calls between Andrea and myself she informed me she could send me a Sears gift card in an amount sufficient to purchase the trimmer head at my local Sears store as a resolution to my complaint.

Since all I wanted was the trimmer head this was satisfactory to me. Andrea also apologized for the manner in which I was treated and told me the Customer Service Representative would be spoken to about his unacceptable behavior. A few days later I received the gift card in the mail and then a followup telephone call just to confirm that I was satisfied with the resolution of my problem. So give Sears a chance to resolve the problem by contacting Searscares.com.

I know that Andrea helped me resolve my problem and restored my confidence in Sears as a customer. Dave

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