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I bought vinyl siding from Sears four years ago. It was horrendous.

It took twice as long and cost me $13,000.00 with the so called 50 year warranty. Needless to say the warranty should only be used as toilet paper. I had a piece of my siding coming off and called customer service and be told that labor is not included and they would be right out. After almost 2 weeks, I called again to be told they called but got "my mother" who didn't speak English, also that my GARAGE DOOR would be fixed soon.

First of all my mother died two years before and it was my VINYL SIDING that needed repair. After more calls someone came out and nailed the piece to my house. Now there is rust from the nail. How *** is this company!

Then they called last night at 8:55 pm and said there was a "breach of their records" I CANCELLED MY CARD and told them never to contact me again.

When I asked about the breach was was given a rude and nasty explaination of how it was under investigation and was not allowed to know about the incident. If my credit is ruined and I get a bill I will take them to court!

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Repair.

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You got complete siding for your house for $13,000 with a 50 year warranty! That is almost unheard of and you got a great deal!

If you would have read the fine print when you purchased the siding you would have been familar with what the warranty included. Almost all warranty's are only for parts or replacement but do not include labor. All warranty service calls require apointments to be setup with persons that are contracted out through Sears and not all the time are they available the next day. I am sure you were given the earliest time available.

It appears as if they may have dialed the wrong number upon trying to call you. Accidents are possible. I am sure the nail was used to keep the siding in place and nails upon rain & other weather conditions can sometime get rust. This would not be something out of the usual.

I am sure if you call them and tell them about all of your concerns they will be more then happy to resolve your issues. As far as a brench in the system if this is something that did happen that is unfortunate, but I know Sears values its customers and wanted to make sure this is something that you are aware of instead of not informing you of something so important.

In no way would Sears not take responsiblity if anything was to result in credit problems or a bill for you. I have bought many items from Sears for several years and anytime I have the slightest concern with anything they are always willing to help.

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