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Sears delivered my appliance I ordered from them $3000.00 dollars girlfriend was at the house for them to do the installation...the "professional" installers could not locate the gas cutoff valve to install my gas range . So they left without the installation and said to reschedule when the gas shutoff was located.

I arrived at home looked under the cabinet and located the shut off valve "Genius". So I called and rescheduled ....they were scheduled to arrive 2 days later to finish the install. I called to confirm on the day on the installation....and Lowe and behold... they failed to get the work order processed.

So now I have to once again change my work schedule to get these MORONS back out here to finish there job!!!!

All they could say was they were Sorry but couldn't do anything else but reschedule for the next day.....*** POOR SERVICE!!!! Will not buy anything from them again......Worthless !!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Installation.

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I had a washer and dryer delivered. The dryer came with the wrong cord (apartment manager error).

I had to go to Sears store and trade it for correct one. I have called the 800 number to set up a work order to finish the installation. Each time (3 times over 3 days), they ask for all my info, "process it" and NOTHING! The local people show no work order.

I called Sears 800 tech support and the ended up apparently transferring me to same incompetent call center (which really pissed me off). Each time I did talk to human being - apparently interfacing with computer. I don't know if this is a glitch in software-sending work order into twilight zone --or human error. But frankly, spending waaay too much time on SIMPLE thing -it makes me wonder what would happen with more complicated issue.

Just now, I called an associate at the store and he arranged for the work to be done tomorrow......NOTE TO SEARS: It takes a physical presence to deliver, install and repair the big items you sell (washers, dryer, refrigerators).

Sending things like making appointments to a far away call center CANNOT possibly give the same service. You need BOOTS ON THE GROUND!!

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