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Sears' products are great, I bought 2 window air conditioners when our central unit went on the fritz. Worked PERFECT.

Got our central system fixed and was ready to sell the window units (even for a loss) myself via craigslist or other media. Within 2 weeks, Sears' reps started calling me bugging me to upgrade the warrantee I got for one of the units. Called EVERY AFTERNOON and MORNING until I FINALLY told them I was returning the machines. Then the calls stopped.

I felt bad, so I wanted to let Sears know what these phone solicitors were doing. I did not want to talk to a store manager. I wanted AT LEAST a district manager. Called the store where I bought the units and the very young man who helped me purchase the machines, al the way down to loading them onto my car, was the person who answered the phone.

He did EVERYTHING PERFECT - - AGAIN. I told him I wanted to speak personally to the district mgr. and even if that person had to call me, it was ok. No call.

A few days later, I did a follow-up and this time the store mgr butted in telling me if I didn't tell HER what the problem was, she wasn't going to share my info for the dist mgr to call me back. Sure enough, no one called me - - again. SO, I called ANOTHER store and requested the dist mgr to contact me and again, I got the run-around. I KNEW if I returned those machines, that young man who sold them to me would be the one to suffer - - that they would probably come off his sales and probably his earned commission.

EVEN THOUGH HE DID EVERYTHING PERFECTLY, HE would be the one to get the brunt of the situation. I waited another week, got no phone calls from any district manager, and yes, I returned the window air conditioners. And what do you know? The same young man who sold them to me was there and realized that $700 sale would come off his sales.

How the heck should I resolve this??? He did everything poerfectly!

SEARS messedup!!! This company is totally out of touch with reality!!!

This reviewer shared experience about "phone solicitors" and wants this business to "voice my aggravation persoally to a didtrict mgr or above that level. i want to have accountability with my complaint". This person is overall dissatisfied with Sears. Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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