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I bought all my appliances at Sears last year for my first home. It was the worst experience I've had in customer service and delivery.

First, I took days off from work for the deliveries and the delivery people dis not show up. When my fridge, washer nd dryer were delivered they aced them on the snow (without any boxes). Carried them in with their shoes on...I had snow lodged under my appliances and snow all over my flooring. I had to wait for the snow under the appliances to melt to clean.

When they delivered my oven range, they refused to remove the boxing and said it's not their responsibility. I was did they expect a 100 pound female to lift the oven out of the box and push it to wall???

In the end, I had to ask my male friends to do the task.

I called customer service several times to file my complaints...they hung up.on me and one of them had the audacity to tell me that I just need to put up with the snow because I live in Canada and I chose to buy my appliances during the winter. I made bought over $10,000 worth of purchases at Sears...because of it's service, i will not be buying there again..

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Delivery Service.

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