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So, I just purchased a washer from Sears. They installed it and one month later, it started leaking. I called to schedule an appointment. After being transferred numerous times and being on hold for 30 minutes, I finally did the live chat online. I then found out it would be 2 weeks to get an appointment. I asked to speak with a supervisor and after waiting 20 minutes online, was finally told there was no supervisor. I was then even more annoyed and questioned the lack of a supervisor. I was then told 10 minutes later that the supervisor, Donald Edwards, was in a meeting and wouldn't be available and that I should call to speak with someone or try chatting again in an hour or so. This took about 50 minutes.

I then called, and was then told that there were 4 other callers waiting to speak with a supervisor. While waiting, the regular agent, then told me that I would have to pay $75 to schedule the appointment that is 2 weeks out. I just bought the thing, Sears installed it, why do I have to pay? This is ridiculous! It has now been 35 more minutes on hold and I am still waiting for the supervisor.

Ok, so I got the supervisor. Who, of course tells me the same script as everyone else. She stated her name was "George" (even though she could barely speak English and did not sound at all like a George) and that she can't give me a last name. She also told me that she had no supervisor. If that is the case, I can see why Sears has so many problems. After dealing with "George," of course, nothing changed. I am stuck with an appointment 2 weeks out. And, she didn't understand why waiting for 2 weeks for an appointment is an issue. I did find out that I am not responsible for the $75 fee unless it is a part not covered by the warranty. However, she couldn't tell me what parts are not covered by a warranty. She then referred me to call back the next day to get that information.

After spending 2 hours of my time just trying to schedule an appointment, I am totally fed up and in desperate need of a beer!

Sears sucks! I am never purchasing an appliance from them again!

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I love people like you KumaTeshi who think that waiting 2 weeks for a repair is ok. When a company sells a product and offers a warranty on that product, they need to fix it in a timely manner. If the company can't do that, they need to either hire more people or allow the customer to contract with a local repair person. This is actually a big deal. It flooded my laundry room floor and warped the subfloor. It is not a simple little leak!

So, you think that a month old washer that was installed by Sears should be sitting around for 2 weeks unused because they are too busy to fix it?

Also, the reason that I was so upset is that there was no supervisor available for 2 hours. How are things going to change or get better with a company if we just sit there and let them get away with poor customer service?

And, KumaTeshi, you are the one on the high horse with your self righteous rhetoric.

Enjoy your day.


Maybe it would not take 2 weeks if Sears did not have half there technicians in A+E Factory uniforms and service vans running repair calls for there compation and would take care of there own customers. Kuma Tenshi needs to go back in the hole he or she crawled out from under, there probuly one of those non caring customer reps from Sears.


I love people like you, with no brains. First off, you stated that once you went on the live chat, you found out it would be 2 weeks until an appointment.

You spent about half an hour on the phone, and then did this. You did NOT spend two hours trying to get an appointment, you spent the other hour and a half, stupidly trying to complain to a supervisor about how long you had to wait.

Here's an idea, how about you try and realize that other people have things that need fixing as well, and that you are NOT the center of the universe! It's not like there's a building full of repairmen, that wait around until people like you, have something break down.

Other people came before you. Cry about it.