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I bought a Sears Kenmore dryer for nearly $700 in August 2005. In mid-September 2008, the dryer stopped heating.

When I scheduled the repair, I purchased the 1-year service warranty for about $200 to cover any repair up to $500. Thank goodness I did that because when the repairman visited, he said I needed a new electronic control panel that runs about $325! On a 3-year-old dryer? Apparently, this particular Kenmore model is made by Frigidaire.

I always thought Kenmore appliances were made by Whirlpool. Had I known it was a Frigidaire, I never would have purchased it. All that aside, the repairman ordered the part and said it would arrive in 7-10 days. After about 3 weeks, I received a call from Sears Customer Service asking about the status of my repair.

I told them I was still waiting for the part. In the meantime, my husband had been drying our clothes at the laundrymat. The representative informed me that the part was back-ordered until Oct. 10.

On Oct. 13, I called Sears to confirm that the part was on it's way. The rep (of course, a different one every time I call) told me that the part had shipped on the 10th. On Oct.

20, I called Sears customer service and was told this time that the part was back-ordered until Oct. 21. This was new information, I told the rep. The part was supposed to have been shipped on the 10th.

These poor reps are not empowered to do anything. He apologized and said he was just reporting the information. After much grieving and pleading (they really like to torture customers, I believe), this rep transferred me to the 1-Source number, which is a misnomer because they aren't the one source. I still had to call other departments to try and resolve my problem.

By now, I've been without a dryer nearly 6 weeks. I asked Sonia, the 1-Source rep, to please give me a new dryer. She said that was not possible because of the service agreement I had purchased, but not to worry, the part was on its way and would be delivered no later than Oct. 28.

To appease me, she promised to send me a $100 Sears gift card (like I'm anxious to visit Sears anytime soon). So I waited another week. On Monday, Oct. 27, the part still isn't delivered but I'm hopeful and to be ready, I scheduled the repair for Wednesday, Oct.

29. On Oct. 28, the day the part was promised, I called 1-Source to let them know it still hadn't been delivered. Charlotte, the rep I speak with this time, tells me that the part is back-ordered (really?) and an ETA is not available!

What am I supposed to do? Wait indefinitely? Charlotte told me the manufacturer in Iowa apparently assembles the part whenever he/she wants to. It might take a month, might take 6 months.

What a way to run a business! She finally agreed to give me a new dryer up to a value of $500. Fine. Okay.

Just get me a dryer. I had to select an item number and call 1-Source again so they could process it and arrange for delivery. I spoke to Robert, very nice and accommodating but of course, it was easy for him because he is dealing with me at the end of this whole ordeal. He tells me the dryer can be delivered today, Oct.

29, and to expect a call from Sears delivery service Tuesday evening. The call never came. Suspicious once again, I called Sears delivery this morning and discovered the delivery is scheduled for Thursday, Oct. 30.

Who scheduled it? Who did they talk to? I called 1-Source, spoke to a rude and defiant Portia who told me there wasn't anything she could do, the delivery was scheduled for Oct. 30.

But Robert told me the dryer would be delivered Oct. 29, I said. Too bad, said Portia. Tough luck.

I work on Monday, Thursday and Friday and was relieved I wouldn't have to take time off to wait for a delivery when Robert said the dryer would be here Wednesday. But now, I have to trust Sears yet again to honor their word and deliver the dryer tomorrow. I am now waiting for Amanda to call me back and hopefully tell me the delivery can at least be scheduled first thing in the morning, but based on their track record, I am not encouraged. Good luck to you poor souls who buy something from Sears.

We spent nearly $7000 in appliances for our kitchen this past summer and I dread the thought of what will happen when I have to repair them. I will never, ever buy anything from Sears again. When and if the $100 gift card arrives, I'm giving it to a homeless shelter. They can't even pay me to shop there.

It's obvious they don't empower their service reps or their employees and everything is controlled by computer. No one has the capability of overriding anything. Satisfying the customer shouldn't be so painful.

They are too big and bloated and slow to respond. They are pathetic and at this rate, I don't expect they'll be around in the next 5 years.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Repair.

Monetary Loss: $650.

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We had a similair problem with a freezer that we bought from SEARS. The compressor went out and SEARS wanted us to rent a freezer for a month.

Thefreezer was less than 2 years old and still under warranty. After tellinng the company that we had seen a report on 48 hours, saying that SEARS doesn't stand by their warranties. Things seemed to change a little. Why in the world would we have to rent a freezer from them?

Gladly, the company rep told us to go the nearest SEARS and pick out a new freezer and that they would haul away the old one.

Still, we had to wait two weeks for a new freezer. Lucky for us, we knew an owner of a fast food joint that let us put the food in his freezer until ours was up and running.


Sadly, this is not the level of service that the company endorses. Yet it is allowed entirely too often.

I am currently a supervisor in one of the sears locations in Michigan (for only 1 more week). What I would recommend doint(instead of continuing to wait) is try to contact the store directly. When you call make sure you inform them that you don't want to speak with Customer Service, and that you would like to speak with the Supervisor in that department in the actual store. Let them know what is going on and what the situation has been and for how long.

They are more than enquipped to take care of it without out you waiting for a part.

Sadly enough, this is how things have been for a while now within the company. Hopefully you can get a somewhat satisfactory solution.

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