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Thank god i don't buy anything else at Sears because its not that i don't like their products its just that their customer service is one of the worst. First of all i bought a Kenmore fridge at sears (over 2000$) and i expected to be a great refrigerator because in the past sears appliances lasted me more than 10 years.

Well, one day i opened the fridge and noticed it wasn't getting cold enough so i went to the store they told me to call 18008276655 customer service number to see if my fridge was under warranty. When i called i found out the refrigerator only had 1 year warranty and it had expired. I would think that because it was such an expensive refrigerator it would have a longer warranty, which leads me to believe that sears doesn't have faith their own products would last more than a year. Anyhow...

I called, my refrigerator that was bought on 2/12/12 didn't have warranty the lady was rude like she didn't want her job and transferred me to repairs i have to pay for trip charge and labor. I don't understand why in the world do i have to pay to FIX a new refrigerator. Im very upset with Sears and their customer resolution because i feel like they don't realize or acknowledge that i have been a sears customer for years. Not only do i have to pay but it takes a week for the technician to even come to look at it and order parts.

How can i live without a refrigerator? And what makes me mad is that i called again and explained everything of whats going on to the customer service rep and she said that shes from the protection agreement department and couldn't help me (that she will be transferring my call) every time i call they keep transferring me (and sooner or later my call gets disconnected) . I don't understand how i can call a customer service # and their not able to even schedule or answer my repair questions without transferring me and they always try to sell me the protection agreements and home improvement which i don't care about and i think is rude. I know its not their fault its sears that they make them say all that but honestly if i call bec my fridge is broken i expect to get a representative that will be able to assist me.

AND im still very upset that my 2000 dollar fridge is a piece of *** that might break in the future! Again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Protection Plan.

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I agree...they do not care about their customers and if you try to get anything from them they will drag their feet and in many instances forget about you completely. They don't want to give the customer anything including refunds.

Sears has turned into the worst store on the planet.

I was a card holder for over thirty years and I am in the process of paying them off and then I will cancel the card and be rid of them.

There are too many stores out there that value my business to be bothered with the mind games Sears play. Their employees are untrained and most of the time rude.

It is just a matter of time before Sears goes belly up.


Sears is not the store it used to be. Here,is no competant customer service.

Their stores are shabby and not stocked and the people that work in the stores have no training.

They no longer care about the customer and will do what ever they can to get even with the unsuspecting customer for their being so miserable at work. :(

Products that are sold there are cheap imitations of,what used to be good products.

Your best bet is to shop somewhere else for appliances where they will stand behind their products.

It's a hard lesson to learn but one that is not so easily forgotten.

Good luck......


Dear Anonymous,

Thanks for sharing your customer experience, and we apologize for the level of customer service rendered when you reached out to us for assistance. We’d like to speak with you, and have one of our dedicated case managers contact you, and make sure your been taken care of.

At your soonest convenience please send the following information – contact #, screen name (Anonymous473593), and phone # used at time of purchase to smadvisor@searshc.com. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

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