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I ordered an entertainment center back in December, joined the Shipvantage program and got free shipping. I then paid an additional fee for expedited shipping as I had just purchased a TV. According to the website, the delivery date was the same as my TV's delivery date. After several days, I never received any shipping confirmation and it never showed up. Naturally I got very very upset and called and complained. The woman on the phone was very rude. She refused to help me with anything and eventually we got "disconnected". So another couple days go by and someone calls me from Livonia, MI which about 35 minutes north of me and says my entertainment center is ready for pickup. When I explain that what I drive and that it won't fit in my car and that I ordered shipping on the website, the woman tried to argue with me, and said that "it wasn't her responsibility to ship it to me". I told her to cancel my order and she said she would be in touch the next day. The next day, UPS shows up with a box that has exploded packing material all over and there's a foot print on the top of the box. When I opened it, the entertainment center was destroyed. So I wrote a letter to the sears customer care people and no one got back to me even after a week went by. So I waited, made the email a little angrier and sent it to another person who I found on the internet, still nothing. After a little deliberation, they refunded me $14 of the $120 I paid for it and the phone call I received was very very rude. The woman I talked to explained that refunds aren't "standard in this business" but she was, "making an exception". Imagine how happy I was my $14 was the exception to the rule.

After I emailed several more internet-found addresses, I finally got to someone called Gerald in the Sears Cares Customer Service who told me he was sending me a $100 gift card. 10 days later, I get a $50 gift card in the mail. So I called and inquired where the other half was. Then he sends me the other $50. So we finally got those two gift cards a week ago, and I, in the mean time, had hired someone to fix my entertainment center. So I figured things were finally shaping up.

So we go to Sears and see that they have a Surround Sound System at half off. So we drove to the closest Sears to go purchase one. We wandered around the electronics department for about a half hour looking for someone to help us. We couldn't find anyone, so I finally went across the aisle to appliances because there isn't anyone in the electronics department and the guy is texting at his stand. After I successfully got his attention, he told me "I only work in appliances". So I ask if he can find someone in electronics and he says, "he doesn't have a way of finding anyone". So I whip out my phone and call the *** store and ask for a manager who asks "why I'm calling from the store". Really? Because I want to go into a store and have to call the main line in order to get help? All I want to do is spend my hard earned money in your store! She finally finds me and wants to know, "what do I want"? I'm not kidding, she said, "what do you want?"

When I told her what I wanted to buy, she told me they "don't have any more of those" and walks away. I left the store because I was so angry. I later called the same store that night and spoke to someone in customer service. She ordered the surround sound system, took my credit card and gift card info and gives me a confirmation # via phone. She mentioned that we would receive an email confirmation immediately and a phone call when it arrived.

We never received either of those, even after I called the store. 5 days went by and I called the store to ask if it had come in, to which the customer service lady replied yes. We arrived at the store only to find out that no one could find our order. After the man at the pick-up desk told us he couldn't do anything, I asked for the store manager. Outside of being a little short with us, she did eventually find out order and announced that it was in "Westland, MI" and we had to go get it there.

We drove to Westland, where we did not receive a receipt for our order at pick-up. When we got it home, the back of the subwoofer had been gouged out by something. Now we have to return the damaged system because the subwoofer has a hole in it. I am extremely disappointed in the *** I have had to go through over and over again just to keep getting dumped on. I have called Sears Cares every day this week and no one will get back to me. At this point, I am returning the surround sound system and if I have to lose money, I will. I just can't deal with this *** anymore.

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