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I bought a Sears Washer at the Shawnee Ok. They told me that it would work fine in an RV. I have talked to over 25 people and not one of them told me it would not work in an RV.

Until today. The store manager told me that they don't install in RV's. I have lost time at work and waited two weeks for them to send the right part for this.

On top of that the Store Manager was unconcerned about my problems. And he threatned to kick me out of the store when I told a woman to think about it before she purchased anything from Sears.

Monetary Loss: $1184.

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Alot of Sears locations will install in RVs or boats but there's usually no warranty if done so .

Since there would be no warranty with Sears I would just go elsewhere for installation .

And yes they should of told you in advance that Sears doesn't install washing machines in RVs. And they should''ve told you why wether it be specs or warranty.

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