Greetings tractor and tool guys.

I have placed my last transaction with Sears, PERIOD, and here is why. Several years ago my wife gave me a gift card and we still had a remaining balance on it.

On Saturday I tried shopping their online tool site for some wrenches with their usual Christmas discounts.

I selected a set of Dog Bone wrenches, a set of speed head box end wrenches and a seven piece set of ratcheting box end wrenches. They were nicely discounted (I thought) and the amount qualified for free shipping. I then found that the gift card would no longer be honored. I wish I had quit right there instead of paying with my VISA. I thought I really wanted those wrenches!

Within minutes I received an email from "Imran Jooma" stating that the dog bone and speed end wrenches sets had been "canceled" but the ratcheting end wrenches would be shipped, even though my order no longer qualified for free shipping. Okay then, says I in the next few minutes and for several hours thereafter, to Imran, and then "Geena (pgiri0)," and some other yayhoo named "Hobbs G. (mashraf)" CANCEL THE REMAINING 1/3 of my order. I DON'T WANT THE SINGLE ITEM that YOU didn't CANCEL!"

It became quite obvious that Imran, pgiri, and mashraf have only a passing acquaintance with American English as their second or third language. It was also painfully obvious that they wouldn't/couldn't cancel the last item. In itself, Sears trying to improve their profit returns by moving their help center overseas would be enough for me to quit patronizing them.

The "Sears" wrenches arrived today. I will give them credit for having timely shipping.

The "Craftsman" ratcheting end wrenches I received are dadgummed communist chinese made GEARWRENCH brand. A quick search on Amazon for comparable chinese garbage wrenches produced several other sets, one of them a ten piece set, that are less money and shipped free.

I will be returning these faux wrenches the next time I am close to one of the Sears outlets that are twenty to thirty miles from home. As I said, I am done with these globalist shysters, or will be as soon as I return their chinese garbage wrenches and get my credit returned. If I want third rate imported junk, I'll go to Harbor Freight, talk to an American and pay an appropriately cheaper price.

Hope you all have a Merry Christmas and avoid Sears. Best Wishes

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