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Warning!!! Stay away from Sears appliances.

If the work that is fine, but if there is a failure and you need service the fun begins. Sears Customer Solutions sent me to the Service Smart Agreement Division who in turn sent me to Customer Solutions again. Around and around we go with the circle spinning so fast I can't seem to get someone to fix my refrigerator even though I paid for a contract to repair my unit. My Solution for Customer Solutions is to contact the Federal Trade Commissions and file a formal complaint.

I also intend to haul Sears in small claims court just to prove to them that it isn't right to take advantage of the consumer.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Repair.

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Just had dealings with Customer Solutions and was sent round in circles. Never again will I buy a major purchase from Sears.


Good for you!! I'm doing the same thing for the same reason.

Eventually they will anger enough customers to where it will make a difference in keeping the doors open. Actually they're stuggling with that already!


i have had the same go round twice called for repair. no show.cancelling my service contract. stay away from sears.


Ditto to previous comment. When you need a service call you get the run around between inept people at customer solutions, a warranty department, and an install department who take no action to get your repair scheduled.

No wonder Sears, which was once a great company, is failing. Stay away!

Sears customer service stinks!


I will join as well, same issues got my money but given me a run around for over 6 months now, frig still not fixed or replaced!!


please contact me, I will join your suit! I am so disgusted, cannot begin to tell you what I have been through!


We r having a similar experience. How did it end foe u?


I have to deal with Sears at my workplace but never, ever will I personally purchase anything from their online services.

They sent the wrong refrigerator, It's been 3 months, hours on the phone, repeating my situation over and over to every unqualified customer service rep, manager, delivery dept, customer solutions agent, nobody knows what they are doing!!

A simple exchange has had me waiting for 7 failed exchanges!! I need an exchange! Stop bringing me the same product. Do they even realize the wasted time spent.

I'm sick of, "Sorry for that maam!!" Customer Solutions???? You have NONE!!!


Just Got off the phone with Sears Customer Solutions and my experience was not a good one I had appliance insurance on my refrigerator they came out several times and ordered parts but never fixed it correctly finally one repair person came out and said it was a more expensive part and it was not covered because by now my insurance was expired but if they would have fixed correctly I would not have this problem and the Representatives of Customer Solutions dept are not willing to help with this and Technicians that come out to repair are not quality and do what is easy only. Very Unhappy and frustrated with the run around I received will not buy at Sears anymore or other services they offer again.


I purchased I fridge three weeks ago. I didn't work I lost 160.00 in meats.

I called everyday never could talk to a Manger I finally made it to the store they let me re select another one when they delivered it. It had eight dents in it and the delivery men tore my front door up. My house was built a month ago.

So I'm pissed and I still can't get any help over the phone and I have a three year warranty. I'm taking them to court too



Sears installer brought out a dishwasher to install, he reported I needed a shut off valve and to contact a plumber. I did immediatly and I contacted the installer Cliff who stated he closed out the work order and to contact Sears. I did and the customer service person told me I had a work order put in. That was on a Friday, I waited and waited for the installer to call.

I called Sears on a Tuesday morning and they replied that it was scheduled to be put in on Thursday and the installer would call Wednesday night. No phone call from this rude installer. Called Sears and they said "It is not scheduled to be put in" Told Sears to come and get the dishwasher they stated it would be picked up Friday and the installler would call Thursday. No phone call Thursday as they stated.

Called Sears Friday the installer reports he was not notified. The installer, Cliff was rude when he came out to bring the dishwasher and he told Sears Ineeded a plumber which I got immediatley.. So for 14 days I have a dishwasher in a box setting in my kitchen taking up room. This installer is rude and a liar.

I have been going in circles with Sears apparently they can not do anything! GO TO LOWES OR HOME DEPOT they treat you with respect.


Sears has lost their dam mind.They wanted to charge me $50.00 for gas for someone to come out and Check my stove that i purchased from them.They stated i have to pay for the persons gas.WTF.I closed my Sears account and Never ever look back at them.They really have lost their mind to ask a customer to pay for someones gas.I cannot stand Sears.F--- Sears.*** buy me some gas for even coming into your dam store at all.Plus on top of all this they have the nerve to hang up in their customer faces.


My nightmare began 3 weeks ago... My television goes black on one side still under warranty call sears they say it will be 2 weeks to get someone out...

So I wait and finally someone comes out, this guy takes out the multiple screws in the back only to see a few lights are out and says panel is bad, he tells me I will get a new set the part is not available....finally yesterday the manufacturer Oncorp calls to explain and verify how my new tv will get to me, I was so excited it's almost over and done with the rep says any questions ma'am? I said ya just one will I get a new warranty on the new set she said oh no this set your getting is a used refurbished set.

I immediately flew off the handle I said no I want my money back, well they are returning my money but this is all bs.... I will never buy from Sears again they really have become low class to me....


I want to add to the list of complaints regarding service from Sears. Specifically, it warranty service. I brought a 50 inch LG Plasma television set that worked fine for 14 months. The set problem was that it was turn on for a few seconds and immediate turn back off. I reported this problem on around September 6, 2013 to Sears warranty customer service office. The attendance was very apologetic; for she could only give me a repair appointment for October 7, 2013. I stated my objections for having to wait a month for repairs. To console me I was assured that I would be placed on a cancellation list which should result in sooner repairs. Apparently, there were no cancellations for the technician didn't come until October 7th. He diagnosed the problem which required a part that he did not have in stock. He ordered the part and advised it will arrive within three business days. The part did come on the third business day and I called for a return to install the part. The earliest date given to me was November 7th; which was another month along with the same promise to being added to a cancellation list. It is now October 23rd and I'm still waiting to get my set repaired. I've called customer service again to complain of the long wait; my wife has called venting her frustrations but it was all to no avail. So; after paying $200.00 plus for what was supposed to be a premium warranty service, I'm without a working television set that should have been repaired within well within 30 days of its reported problem.

I've been a longtime customer of Sears since 1979. My recent retirement have afforded me opportunities to purchase major appliances that I couldn't afford before retirement without the use of credit. I paid cash for this television set; but I will never purchase another major appliance product from Sears again.


DO NOT get any type of warranty repair from Sear's. You pay the money upfront and can never get the repair people out for the service call.

We have been cancelled 3 times due to illness of their personnel. OK get some new reliable repair people. All we get are a bunch of "I am sorry" , a new date and cancel again! What a way to run a business, Just rip people off of hard earned money and no service!

I call it stealing! :(


Well, I just have to put my two cents into the run around I have gotten from Sears. However, I must say I have (I hope) a favorable outcome!

I had some run around trying to get my Freg fixed, but it was more because the part was back ordered and no one bothered to call me after about 3 weeks to let me know that. I was without a frig for a month and If I had any idea I could have made some temporary plan! However, Sears was great in sending out a representative with a repair man to assess the situation and decided that the frig was unrepairable. Since I had a warrantee on it I was given money towards a new frig and they are going to refund me for the compressor I paid for. They also gave me $200 towards lost food, however, I never asked for this before since this is the third time my frig gave me problems. Having the warrantee covers you for lost food, so I was stooped for not asking for it before.

I have had the run around on the phone calls, getting to the right departments, a million transfers and disconnects! So aggravating!

So surprised that the person you are speaking to doesn't call you back probably knowing that we were disconnected! They do have your number and many times they had me on hold while asking a manager or researching something. I think they do it on purpose so they don't have to continue dealing with you! I might add I am a very easy going person, I am not yelling at them or chewing them out, I know they are only doing there job and the problem isn't fully them as though sometimes is! For the most part everyone i spoke with were very kind and tried to be helpful but it just is incredible of how many you need to speak to to get done and have to repeat all your personal information to each person along with an explanation! This is where at times I did get a little huffy and said once I wasn't going to say everything again and finally someone listed!! Lessly in Customer solution Department did a three way and did not loose me and managed to find out what I needed and explained to me the follow up that will come next. It isn't quite the outcome I was looking for but it is sufficient. I am sad my beautiful French door bottom freezer dies after only 7 years (Exactly almost to the date)!

Maytag's use to go on forever.. :sigh


Had Tech try to fix cloths washer. Waited a week for appt.

He ordered a new board that I paid for and was told if the part didn't fix problem they would refund cost. They installed new part and charged me $142 for labor($218 for part). Tech left with old board. Next day we tried washer had same problem.

Called to have tech return. Had to wait another week for return appt. Asked for refund. Was told it would take about 10 days.

He couldn't replace my old board since they had taken it on first visit. Tech tried to charge another $142 for labor but it was waived by tech's manager. Four week and three calls later I am still waiting for refund. Can't call the department responsible for refund directly.

I am now waiting for a phone call from them.

Will never use Sears service again! :( :(

@Mad as ***!

Call Catina at Customer Solutions 800-479-6351


I am trying to locate a manager about a refund for three days. No one will give me a phone number or any information.

All they want is all my information.



Once was a Sears fanatic re:Craftsmen, Kenmore et all. This time they refused to repair or replace a broken part on a delivery.

But once again they're quick to take the money but getting it back is a journey into the bureaucratic shuffle of incompetence, ineptitude and apathy! They have turned the 'departmental shuffle' into an art form.

So much so, they should start a dancing lessons store next, with the liars creed of "admit nothing, deny everything and demand proof". And THEY HAVE BUILT THIS!