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Warning!!!Stay away from Sears appliances.

If the work that is fine, but if there is a failure and you need service the fun begins. Sears Customer Solutions sent me to the Service Smart Agreement Division who in turn sent me to Customer Solutions again. Around and around we go with the circle spinning so fast I can't seem to get someone to fix my refrigerator even though I paid for a contract to repair my unit. My Solution for Customer Solutions is to contact the Federal Trade Commissions and file a formal complaint.

I also intend to haul Sears in small claims court just to prove to them that it isn't right to take advantage of the consumer.

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Just had dealings with Customer Solutions and was sent round in circles. Never again will I buy a major purchase from Sears.


Good for you!!I'm doing the same thing for the same reason.

Eventually they will anger enough customers to where it will make a difference in keeping the doors open.Actually they're stuggling with that already!


i have had the same go round twice called for repair. no show.cancelling my service contract. stay away from sears.


Ditto to previous comment.When you need a service call you get the run around between inept people at customer solutions, a warranty department, and an install department who take no action to get your repair scheduled.

No wonder Sears, which was once a great company, is failing. Stay away!

Sears customer service stinks!


I will join as well, same issues got my money but given me a run around for over 6 months now, frig still not fixed or replaced!!


please contact me, I will join your suit! I am so disgusted, cannot begin to tell you what I have been through!


We r having a similar experience. How did it end foe u?


I have to deal with Sears at my workplace but never, ever will I personally purchase anything from their online services.

They sent the wrong refrigerator, It's been 3 months, hours on the phone, repeating my situation over and over to every unqualified customer service rep, manager, delivery dept, customer solutions agent, nobody knows what they are doing!!

A simple exchange has had me waiting for 7 failed exchanges!! I need an exchange! Stop bringing me the same product. Do they even realize the wasted time spent.

I'm sick of, "Sorry for that maam!!" Customer Solutions????You have NONE!!!


Just Got off the phone with Sears Customer Solutions and my experience was not a good one I had appliance insurance on my refrigerator they came out several times and ordered parts but never fixed it correctly finally one repair person came out and said it was a more expensive part and it was not covered because by now my insurance was expired but if they would have fixed correctly I would not have this problem and the Representatives of Customer Solutions dept are not willing to help with this and Technicians that come out to repair are not quality and do what is easy only. Very Unhappy and frustrated with the run around I received will not buy at Sears anymore or other services they offer again.


I purchased I fridge three weeks ago.I didn't work I lost 160.00 in meats.

I called everyday never could talk to a Manger I finally made it to the store they let me re select another one when they delivered it. It had eight dents in it and the delivery men tore my front door up. My house was built a month ago.

So I'm pissed and I still can't get any help over the phone and I have a three year warranty.I'm taking them to court too

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