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I bought a small refrigerator at Sears and was assured by the salesperson that I would receive a $75 rebate that was advertised in the newspaper and in the store. The sale price of the refrigerator was lower than the minimum that qualified for the rebate, but I was assured the list price was considered when determining rebate eligibility. Because Lowe's had free shipping, but a very slightly higher price, I figured I would come out ahead because the $75 rebate would just cover the delivery and recycle fees from Sears.

Several weeks after I submitted the required required documentation online, I was informed that I didn't qualify for the rebate because the product did not meet the minimum price. The salesperson spent a lot of time explaining to me how to submit the rebate paperwork for the quickest return, so I have to assume she sincerely thought I would receive the rebate.

A friend purchased $1,500 worth of appliances from Sears around the same time, and was also denied the rebate because individually, the appliances did not meet the minimum.

I will never shop at Sears again.

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Dont complain about Sears as a whole. The rebate clearly states an appliance $399 and above.

The place you should be complaining is the store. Talk to the manager and have him train the associate. If the sales person told you that you would get the rebate then the manager may be able to give you some sort of satisfaction. Calling the rebate people will not work since they follow the written rules on the rebate.

The mistake was the store and that is who you should be complaining to. Make your complaint about the store itself and the salesguy in the department since it was them who deceived you.

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