Houston, Texas
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We were sold Sears Siding and Windows and were told the siding was covered by warranty for winds up to 150 mph on the siding and 180 mph on the windows. What we were not told was that the warranty did not cover for hurricanes.

This is a fact that would have swayed our decision to purchase these products if we had been told up front. We did not find out about this exclusion until AFTER the siding and windows were installed and we received our warranty papers.

We were duped and want to let everyone know that Sears uses deceptive sales practices. Dont use this service.

Monetary Loss: $32.

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What the Sears representative/sales associate tells you as a representative of the company may be an implied warranty under the law, do you have a witness to what was said by the Sears representative?


Sounds like the warranty doesn't include natural disasters or act of god .

The only legal recourse I think is that did they have you sign or initial the piece of paper with the warranty .

If you live in a known hurricane area you'd figure they would at least say that hurrican damage is not covered .

You would assume if it meets code requirements and passes permit inspections they would warranty it .

Sounds like they want your insurance to pay for hurricane damage .Or they assume it will.

Always be carefull of the wording a sales person uses .They were obiviously coached to tell you the siding was rated for 150-180 mile winds .They're counting on people thinking that means hurricanes are covered .