Natick, Massachusetts

On 6/25/11 we purchased a small Whirlpool side by side refrigerator from the Sears Outlet in Shrewsbury MA. It was not used/returned, simply had a small scratch on the paint, and we were given a full warranty for this appliance.

The cost was 800.00 We set up a delivery time and the item was delivered and installed w/no problems. We read the manual, turned it on and allowed it to reach the correct temp for storing food. I put 200.00 worth of groceries in it. Before going to bed, I noticed the temp had risen in the fridge, so I adjusted the settings assuming it was having a hard time keeping the temp down as it was over 100 degrees in our home due to a heat wave.

The next day, the temp still had not gone down, and we called Sears for help and were told it would take 24 hours for it to cool down after changing the settings(?), okay, not a refrigerator expert, so moved the food into our tenants fridge and went to work. Came home, fridge cool, put food in it. Next day, fridge temp is 75 degrees, kitchen flooded from melting ice and $200 worth of food in the trash. Called Sears again., asked to set up a time to return the fridge......guess what?

YOU CANT. You must have a repair man either state in writing that it is irrepairable, or come out for the same thing 3 times. The first available appt. is 2 weeks away.

Called every Sears # I could and MIRACLE! After becoming unglued with one of the reps, a repairman is found that can come out the next day. He says the issue is in the circuit board of the fridge, but too hard to fix,,,return it. Back to Sears.

Get a song and dance that if we want a similar size/model fridge, we can get one in 8 wks, For some reason we agree to this, believing it is our only option,as we were given a snake oil routine that they wanted to replace it with a new in the box fridge yadayadayada and they did not have one in that size available in stock yadayadayada. Delivery set up for AUG 18, 6 pm as we both work, and cannot easily take time off,we don't have the luxury of personal time at work. We are sharing a small fridge from our renter, with no access to it after 7:30 pm. We call Sears last month to confirm delivery and time.

ALL SET. Aug 18 we receive a forwarded message from our home phone,(although we specified the cell) Sears is attempting to deliver our fridge at 8:30 am. and no one is there. I leave work and tear home, calling Sears delivery in the hopes that they will return, Sears delivery rep.

puts me on hold for 10 min, then gets back on to say no one is answering the phone on that end., Tells me they called me the night before to confirm the time, (no they didn't, as we were home all evening and after calling customer solutions find out, indeed they didn't call.) Hoping to get a delivery date in this decade, I call back the store where it was purchased, hoping a manager can help me facilitate this. The associate who answers the phone, listens to me for 20 seconds (I am crying at this point) and says "Why are you telling me this? It's not my problem, I sell the thing, you need to tell it to someone in delivery." He also stated he's a salesman, he sells it and anything after that isn't his issue. He told me there is no store manager or supervisor for me to talk to, because it's not THEIR PROBLEM.

I can't even begin to describe this mans attitude, like a surly teenager, not a salesman selling expensive products. I kept trying to ask him if there was a number I could call for some kind of customer service, and he just kept saying, LADY, listen to what I'm saying, this isn't my problem. Call delivery and ask for their manager. (I just wanted that phone number, hoping to get a number directly to the delivery service).

These people sold me 800.00 worth of trash. I have patiently waited all summer for a refrigerator. I did speak with a woman named Laverne in Customer Solutions, who was lovely, kind and confirmed my new delivery date, and provided me with a phone number for future problems. However, it is 2011.

Some Sears store in the U.S., must have a fridge that is the same size as the one I bought. It is not a special order. It is not custom. We do not use horses and wagons to transport things.

I cannot believe it took 8 wks to replace the piece of junk I bought, and if the new one isn't working, I am renting a truck and bringing it DIRECTLY to the service desk myself. As for the future, I will NEVER purchase so much as a flashlight from these people. What a racket. And Brian from customer service, please don't respond, I'm done.

Unless you want to reimburse me 800 for the fridge, 200 for the food, and the 200 I lost leaving work today, never mind the inconvenience of having no fridge for 8 weeks. Your people need a crash course in customer relations and all those "monitored" phone calls?

Maybe someone should start doing just that. Do not offer a warranty or promise customer service that you don't actually honor or provide.

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I totally agree,these people are a big big rip off buyer beware


:eek both of the fridge?

#332248 fridge arrived yesterday. Supposed to be the newer model as the one we purchased weeks ago was discontinued.

New fridge is the exact same fridge, and guess what? IT DOESNT WORK. It stayed cold for about 5 hours and then quit.

Here we go again. Sears, you rock.