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I don't have an issues with the store. Our Saleman Jose Duarte was

great. He explained things about washer/dryers. He advised us and assist us

in our selection. Great to work with. However the delivery was the issue. We

were told our purchase would arrive between 3:30pm and 5:30pm. At 5:30 Jose

gave me the 1-800 number to contact the delivery section. The lady that

answered was too busy repeating "Thank you", "I will look that up" and "I

apologize". When I explained I had taken off work to wait on this she

wouldn't say a word.

Next the delivery guys called me. They begin talking about coming tomorrow.

I asked if they could come tonight. They asked me how far I was away from

them. Stop and think about that. I told them I didn't know where they were

so I couldn't tell them how far away they were. Really smart guys. I told

them to take it back to the store.

This is the second time this same issue has happened with your company.

In Jan 2006 we moved into our new home. We ordered all our refrigerator,

stove, oven, & microwave 30 days before we wanted them delivered. We called

to ensure they would be delivered on the correct day 7 and 3 days out. The

day of the delivery you no showed us. I canceled my order and went to Lowes.

That same day, a few hours later Lowes delivered what we ordered. The cost

was a total of $125.00 more. Worth every dime. Now we are doing the exactly

the same thing with our washer/dryer. Great products, good saleman and then

you blow it with a cheap delivery company. All totaled Sears lost about

$5000.00 of business because you wanted to save a few dollars on delivery.

How many sales do you have to have return items until it starts being worth

hiring a delivery company that won't make promises it can't keep. We hoped

after two years something would have gotten better. No such luck.

Washer/dryer from Lowes? Also cheaper.

Monetary Loss: $2200.

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