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sears is full of ***.  my second major purchase from Sears in the past year and they FAIL to deliver without even giving me a call.  they should fire EVERYONE in delivery AND installation.  

Once I track them down they tell me they will call me back in 15 minutes.  what a crock of ***!!!!!!  In two days of me calling and tracking the dispatch petson tells me the installers told them that were not getting paid enough and refused to do the work.

bottom line.... Sears is full of employees and contractors without an ounce of integrity.

my last experience was also a no show even after they called to confirm!

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Installation.

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I agree 100%. Sears completely missed an installation appointment to install a new dishwasher - not only no show but no call.

When you call "customer service" to report it they don't believe you - "are you sure you didn't hear the pnone ring!!!!" Then they reschedule and show up without the dishwasher. I remember when Sears was a fine company which shows my long-term memory must be good.


Absolute dead-on accurate opinion. I have been trying to get a gazebo installed since last August.

It's been scheduled 4 times and they have blown it every time. I called on a Tuesday to verify an install on Sat. Was assured that every thing was set. Sure enough cone Sat.

They can't find any record of installation request.

As the previous person experienced the contractor Nd sears were arguing over the phone about rates and codes, while I Am on the phone with them!

. Sears is out of control and dishonest with customers.

Still haven't received the phone call I was guaranteed would happen.

Clarksville, Missouri, United States #258070

Your are right = the installation department at SEARS is the worst- After several letters/complaints etc. about poor install on my wall oven I got approval to hire my own person and they reimbursed me.

This was done through their social media complaint department.

With all the people out of work you would think they might care about their jobs. Go figure.

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