Purchased refrigerator fro SEARS. The delivery men came and when no one was looking stole $500 from my wifes purse.

When reported to SEARS they didnt care and weren't helpful in any way. The delivery company XCEL said they invetsigated and the two delivery men said they didnt do it - case closed!

Only two people entered my home other than my wife and son entered the home during the period the money went missing - they were the two SEARS delivery men. Following up with SEARS DELIVERY customer service I was put on hold for 30 minutes and then disconnected each time. Never ever got a response.

SEARS service and delivery is abismal - do you want your home to be violated???? If NO then dont buy from SEARS

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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I am so f******* angry right now. I just noticed today that while about to play my PS3 one of my videogames was missing, it was Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3.

It came out last year in November. Delivery men from sears came to my house to deliver a new fridge. First time it was 3 hispanics and they dented the fridge while taking it out of the truck so another order was placed. Second delivery comes around now 2 hispanics and one black guy.

My dad and I switched places while watching them. One of them must have gotten a small window of opportunity and stashed it in his pants or something because my tv, ps3, and videogames were in plain sight where the fridge was being put. My parents told me that it was probably tthem because Sears hires low lives to work at a dead beat job delivering things so they probably seize the opportunity to steal when they can since they probably get paid s***. That videogame of mine is worth at least 60 bucks and one of them stole it.

I am going to contact sears tomorrow and get to the bottom of this and end this person. Dont steal from people because you didnt have a good education and landed a lame job at sears delivering things to peoples houses.


that's pretty crappy dude, sorry to hear that. Have you ever though about suing Sears? Or keep complaining all the way up to Eddie Lampbert who is the CEO?

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