We purchased a Sears Kenmore side-by-side refrigerator/freezer. We live in Pasadena, CA.

and purchased it from their Arcadia store. They asked for the customary wide window of delivery time, and we were thoroughly accommodating to them. The delivery truck pulls up at 8PM!! The truck is a Penske truck, and the delivery man who rings our bell looks like a felon, downright frightening, and very surly.

I say, "wow, you guys must be busy, renting trucks from Penske". He says, no, we work for Penske, they do all the deliveries for Sears. I follow him out to the truck, where I watch him and his associate frantically rip the shipping box and packing off the unit, and even though the truck has an hydraulic lift platform, he straps the refrigerator to a hand truck, angles it over the side, and about 3 feet off the ground, lets it fall!!!! I said you can't do that!...he says no, it's okay...then proceeds to roughly haul it up our front steps, with its compressor and innards clanging and clunking.

When he sets it up, no surprise, the cabinet is misaligned, clearly from it being dropped, so the doors don't line up. I say that is unacceptable, he says too bad, and skidmarks out of there, leaving packing debris in the street. I went ballistic with the store, they offered to make things right, but I got my money back and went to a private appliance store, got a better price, better product, and excellent service.

Sears is dead, long live Sears... :(

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Delivery Service.

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