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We bought a fridge and the delivery was rescheduled three times. After numerous complaints to Sears, they promised – TWICE – to send us a refund. It never came.



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SATURDAY 090823 Bought the fridge at the Sears Outlet Store on Marsh Ln. between Arapaho and Belt Line in Dallas. Asked for delivery on Saturday 090829

TUESDAY 090825 afternoon (800-732-7747) Talked to customer service and asked that it be rescheduled for delivery on Thursday. She said it would be and changed the information in their system.

[Note: I found out later that she never notified the store of the change – only the delivery company's records were changed and thus our fridge was never brought to the warehouse to be sent out for delivery.]

WEDNESDAY 090826 7:21 PM outgoing - talked to delivery for 2:14 minutes because I never got the automated call about a delivery time.

THURSDAY 090827 7:13 AM (800-732-7747) outgoing - Talked to Tasha in the Home Delivery Dept. who said they screwed up and could not deliver today. That I needed to talk to the outlet store (which did not open until 9AM).

THURSDAY 090827 9:28 AM (972-418-2293) outgoing - Talked to Dee (store manager) who told me it WOULD be on the truck today to go to the warehouse.

THURSDAY 090827 9:37 AM (800-732-7747) outgoing - Talked to Ino (Unit #24201) who assured me it would be delivered tomorrow (Friday 090828)

THURSDAY 090827 10:04 PM (800-732-7747) outgoing - talked to delivery for 16:43 minutes, no joy

THURSDAY 090827 10:21 PM (800-732-7747) outgoing - talked to delivery for 11:21 minutes, still no hope for delivery tomorrow

(Notice the timing of the last two calls – they hung up on me [though I suspect they would claim we were "disconnected"])

FRIDAY 090828 6:29 PM (800-732-7747) incoming - 1:04 minutes (automated delivery notification for Saturday)

SATURDAY 090829 10:38 AM (800-732-7747) outgoing - 2:25 minutes notification that they would be there in a few minutes.

The fridge was finally delivered around 11 AM on Saturday.


TUESDAY 090901

11:59 AM (800-732-7747) talked to ?? who asked me to explain to her why I want a $50 GC as I was promised. I told her to read the *** notes herself to figure it out. After 10 minutes, she came back and said it would come within 2-4 weeks.

12:03 PM (972-418-2293) talked to no one – on hold until I finally hung up

12:09 PM (972-418-2293) talked to Javier Tover and then Dee Kirkpatrick (manager)

I was given the information for:

Customer Care 800-469-4663

Sears Outlet, Store #4617

Sears Complaints Department

Bruce Johnson, CEO

3333 Beverly Rd.

Hoffman Estates

Chicago, Illinois 60179

National Customer Relations for Retail Stores

Customer Relations for Home Delivery Dept. 800-732-7747

TUESDAY 090901 12:14 PM outgoing - talked to customer care person who transferred me to --> Kiera (operator #80709, Retail Customer Care) who called the store and confirmed that Dee will call me back by end of the day today. If not, call her department back -- 800-549-4505 -- and my case is under my phone number.


TUESDAY 090901 12:47 PM outgoing - talked to Dee who said. Alternately, that I should have rescheduled through them, that she DID put the truck and I should deal with the Delivery folks. Also, that they did their part in delivering it on Saturday, as the original date was met per contract.


TUESDAY 090901 1:03 PM (800-549-4505) outgoing - talked to customer care who said they were going to punt to delivery -- then hung up on me

TUESDAY 090901 1:08 PM (800-549-4505) outgoing - talked to JUDY who punted to delivery, she offered half price ($30) on a gift card

TUESDAY 090901 1:18 PM (same call) Judy got delivery on the phone and Katisha, a non-manager, said she'd get a manager for me. Greg (Unit #82013) a manager, said he would mail me a check for the delivery fee ($65) that would get here in 7-10 business days (800-732-7747 x16969).


FRIDAY 090925 1:25:48 PM (800-732-7747) outgoing - Sat on hold for more than 5 minutes. Talked to Toni (Unit 24201). Immediately asked for Greg at extension 16969. Was told she cannot transfer me. Someone else (Zana) came on a tried to help transfer me to Greg. (24 minutes by this time.)


During this call, Zana apparently did not know I could hear her talking to Greg's (peer?/assistant?) -- Lucy.

I heard Zana tell Lucy that only the store could give back the fee.

She also told her that there were "NO NOTES FROM GREG" on the account!!!!

Lucy said directly -- "Yes we can issue a check."


Zana (Unit 82013 in Round Rock, TX) said she would send me a check and it would be here within 5-7 business days.

Total call time: 30:28


All I want is my $65 delivery fee back which they SAID they could give to me.

Why can't this company figure it out and do what they SAID they would do?

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Delivery Service.

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Sears delivery is horrible, even to Sears employees. Usually the store ends up taking care of the customers because delivery doesn't follow up with their promises. Sorry to hear that,please call the corporate office and complaint, they should get rid of them!


Thank you for contacting regarding your order# 2. I am glad to assist you.

x, as I understand that you want to know the order status of your order# 2.

I apologize for the discomfort you are facing regarding this delay. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

After reviewing your order details, I see that your order was process today, once the item is shipped you will get the shipping conformation email.

We thank you for your patience and cooperation.

Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance.


For ALL of you who had the same run-around as I did...Call you local Better Business Bureau (you could find them on Google Search)!!! They'll nail these SOB's!

AND...You could bet your bottom dollar that Sears Corporate Offices WON'T be happy to have BBB in their faces!!!



Edwin came through.

He called the Delivery folks and then called me back within about 20 minutes telling me that the check was being cut and I should have it soon.

He also said he would add a tickler to his schedule to call me back in 10 days to confirm whether or not the check arrived.

It did . . . within three days.

Thank you Edwin!


UPDATE from 09homebuyer:


091016 Posted this story to and and then emailed Sears Cares with links to both posts.


091019 8:16 AM Received email from "Edwin C." at Sears Cares


Dear Mr. O'Brien

I am sorry to read in the posting about your unsatisfactory experience with delivery. My name is Edwin and I work for Sears Cares. Your concern has been assigned to me. At your convenience, can you please provide us with a contact number and or the number used when you purchased the product, if not the same, so I can research your file? You can call me directly at 1-800-573-8431 if you like between the hours of 8:30am - 5:30pm central time Mon - Fri. You can also e-mail me at I look forward talking to you soon.


Edwin C.

Sears Cares


091019 12:36 PM outgoing (800-753-8431) Called Sears Cares and spoke to Edwin C. who told me he would investigate this and get back to me no later than Oct. 21 with a response.

We'll see how it turns out. I'll keep updating this post with information as it comes in.