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I have not even received my dishwasher from Sears in Clay, New York and I am pissed.

When we purchased the $700 dishwasher, my husband and I explained to the salesperson that we worked nights and would need delivery early in the day unless it would be done on our days off, which are midweek. He told us not to worry to call the delivery number the day before our scheduled delivery and they would accommodate us.

In addition, the dishwasher was not in stock and we had to wait two weeks for delivery. As the delivery day approached, we called the delivery number to set it up. The person at delivery set up was extremely rude and told my husband she could not help us...that the deliveries were set up at 6 pm (the middle of our night) and that if we did not confirm at that time, we would be out of luck!

Several more calls did not bring satisfaction.

The delivery people did call as promised...6 pm... and left a message on our answering service...and this is a quote. "This is must confirm, you must confirm, you must confirm" then click...not even a phone number to return the call! Thank goodness for caller husband called back and the company insists on delivering the dishwasher

over the weekend..when we work. We cannot get morning delivery, so we can get some sleep and the dishwasher is now allegedly being delivered on Sunday afternoon between 2 and 4...when we should be sleeping. They told us we should just take the day off! I can not believe that a company that big can't accomadate the hours of people who work over night...and I can't believe we can't get a weekday delivery on our days off!

My husband works in a hospital in a specialized care

position...I wonder how those folks at Sears would feel if their child or parent were in his unit, gasping for air, and they were told that the overnight care specialist would not be available because they had to be home to wait for a dishwasher delivery!

If getting delivery of this product was this aggravating, difficult and time consuming, I am really worried about what will happen if there is a problem! NO MORE SEARS PRODUCTS FOR ME!!!!

In fact, if we had not already removed our old dishwasher and were left with a big gapping hole in my kitchen and unable to use the kitchen sinks because of the plumbing issue, I would have told them to keep it and order a different appliance from another big box store.

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I bought a fridge and stove two weeks ago. It was supposed to be delivered this morning. The rep called last night and said 'the manufacturer is out of stock'. Then told me it would be delivered on Thurs instead.

I'm contacting my credit card provider and canceling the sale before they can drag out the delivery date past the point of restitution.

DON'T BUY FROM SEARS. I'm sure they are on their way out. If you get an appliance, don't bother getting a warranty. No one will be in business to service it.

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