Considering ordering from Sears for CHRISTMAS TIME ? Here's my story :

On December 7, I ordered by phone a TV (which was intended to be a X-mas gift to my father ). I insisted to know if this item would arrive at my home on time for X-mas. The rep at the phone told me I was going to receive it FOR SURE on December 17, and that I souldn't worry. And guess what ? the item didn't arrive on the 17. I called back on the 18, to be told that because of X-mas, they had to many demands and because of that there was some delay... The rep was absolutely positive : I souldn't worry : my item would arrive FOR SURE by the next day (December 19). It didn't...

I phoned them again to know exactly what was going on, where my item was. Amazingly, they told that my item has NOT been sent yet and... was not in stock either ! They were short of it and, apparently, not even produced anymore ! They couldn't tell me at all if I would receive one and, if it was the case, when it would occur. You want the best part : They could not give me my money back because, in order to do so, I must refuse the item when it will be delivered at my front door ! It took me two complete afternoons on the phone to sort the situation out (with careless teenage reps) and to get my money back !!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $800.

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