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NEVER EVER BUY FROM SEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!We bought a mattress set from SEARS on July 24th and was suppose to be delivered today. They call yesterday and say it's gonna be delivered today between 9:30 and 11:30.

They call us at 10:30 today and tell us that they went to get it from the warehouse and it was damaged and we will have to wait another week to get it delivered. We called a number they gave us and they said they had actually over sold and they had to wait to get more in. So now we had been lied too. So we call the corporate office to try to get something figured out for a sooner delivery or a mattress comparable to what we bought and they told us they can just refund our money and we can go buy something from one of their stores (yeah right) or wait until next week.

I asked to speak to someone higher than her and she said there is noone. I really would hate to know if I owned a company that she would be the last person they had to deal with. I have worked in retail most of my life. SEARS by far has the worst customer service!!!!!!!

Now I can see why their company rating is a 1.8.

We will never buy another thing from them and I would suggest noone else to either!!!!!!!!!! Read their customer reviews first because we didn't.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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Sorry to hear about your purchase from Sears. It has been a horrible experience for me, I wish I never would have purchased my mattress from Sears!

See my other comment for all the details.

I personally would try to dispute it on your credit card & DO NOT take delivery of a mattress from them.


I purchased a Sterns & Foster mattress from Sears in Sept 2009. Since then it has been warranty replaced 5 times due to sagging & coils breaking.

One time they brought out a mattress with a stain on it, YES a stain!! They offered me a discount but I knew that the warranty would be void with a stain so I refused it. Another time they brought the wrong mattress out!

I'm in the process of yet another replacement due to the coils failing.

I've been told to go pick out another mattress and if it's more I'll have to pay the difference, but if it's less I don't get a refund. Kinda like buying a sports car and ending up with a pinto.

I paid 1179.99 for this mattress, but the last replacement they adjusted the price due to a price increase.

So they are only giving me a credit of $1104.99. Add insult to injury, each replacement they charge 69.99 delivery, why should I incure a cost when they are selling crappy quality products!

I am VERY dissatisfied with Sears!

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