Pennsauken Township, New Jersey

I ordered a Self Cleaning Gas-Range from Sears Friday October 7th, and I was told that it would be delivered to me 3 weeks from the day on October 28th. I work 8-5 job Monday thru Friday and I had to make plans for them to come to my home so I asked my nephew who works at night to stay at the house in the morning so someone could be home for them.

On Friday Oct. 28th at 11am, Sears called me and said that they could not deliver today, and I asked them why, and they would not tell me. I'm Pissed at this point, so we rescheduled for Saturday Oct. 29th from 8-12.

Today Sears calls me around 9:15am again to say that they could not deliver today and they would not tell me the reason why. Now they want to deliver on Tuesday from 8am-4pm. That is very UNPROFESSIONAL!

I am going back to that Sears and I am demanding my money back!

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Bought over $6k worth of appliances. They cannot move a delivery up one day that is two weeks out when the applicances arealready at the warehouse I was told by a supervisor. We will NOT buy from sears again !


well at least they called you, i never even got a phone call they just didnt show up


We had the same problem uk Virginia this weekend. They promised delivery and then never showed up.

Can I ask what you did to fix it?

My wife is pissed. Email me