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I have recently started to establish my credit and so far have a 640 credit score!

Sears denied me and said the best way to obtain Good credit - is to..go buy a car!

Go buy a car to get a Sears credit card?

I was looking at a big screen tv for apprx. $700.00 and able to put 1/2 down on it- (Christmas gift)..


Sears is not all that.. I went to MACIAS FURNITURE in Riverside and got my TV.

Another thing- they had no credit applications IN ENGLISH!

I will never shop at Sears again.

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"Another thing- they had no credit applications IN ENGLISH!"

I don't believe this... all you had to do was flip it around... all credit applications are in English and Spanish.


you'd be better off to save the money for the tv by setting aside a little at at time. Buying it on credit is going to cost three times as much and usually by the time you pay it off it has little value since electronics depreciate in value quickly!

I made the mistake of having store credit cards before and I won't do it again! the interest rates are insane!


Sears is Chase credit. I have a perfect credit report in front of me with todays date and was also turned down.We wanted to use the 12 month payment plan for a vacation at sears travel.I was told I had negative items in my report.So i called equifax and they confirmed that the credit report i have was clean.

Going to use my visa instead at another travel agent.Sears looses out on my business today.


wah wah wah. you didnt get a sears card.

dont be mad at sears... they dont even own their sears card...

citi bank does. be mad at citi bank for REJECTING you.

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First off .... a 640 credit score is not that much to be proud of and secondly....they also consider how much ptetial credit you are already obligated for.

The best practice is dont try to buy a TV you cant pay for right now. Live within your means and quit relying on credit.

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