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Well, I guess it's my own fault for giving a second chance!! I received a gift card for $75 from Sears to give them a second chance.

I was dumb enough to do it!! Ordered a lamp and some tools online, used the gift card, and received a confirmation that everything was in stock. Even received an email that the order had shipped. I got the tools about a week later and was waiting on the lamp.

I figured it was shipping separately as that was only common sense. Well, today I received a Sears gift card for $73.30 with no explanation. I called them up and asked why and was told that my lamp had been cancelled on Nov. 24.

Why couldn't they have sent an email?? Called them up and I swear I got PEGGY from the tv commercial. After numerous phone calls, I talked to someone who supposedly handled complaints and was told that it is a busy time of year and even though something shows they have it-they do not. She tried to order me another lamp that she said they had(showed 76 in stock) and I asked her to double check and guess what?--none.

System not updated. So this time I am really not shopping at Sears anymore and I am going to give my gift card to someone I really HATE so there life can be mad a living *** by PEGGY and everyone else at Sears. You cannot depend on them to have anything that they advertise as being in stock.

I have ordered for Christmas from Amazon, Overstock, Kohl's, and other online merchants and Sears is the only one with this problem!! STAY AWAY FROM SEARS IF YOU VALUE YOUR SANITY111 THEY DO NOT REALLY CARE ABOUT YOUR PATRONAGE AS THEY HAVE LENTY OF OTHER SHOPPERS TO PREY ON!!!!!!!

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I too had an " experience " with Sears. I bought a side by side fridge, and 14 months later it quit.

I was told my warranty had expired. I bit the bullet and asked them so send a technician out to fix my problem. He arrived and diagnosed the problem, and said it would take a week to get the part. He the told me I needed to pay him $ 80 for a service call.

I reluctantly paid. The next day I called customer service to complain about the $ 80 fee and I was pretty much told " too bad ". I told her to cancel my order with Sears and I found a private contractor to fix my fridge. He came out and his diagnosis was completely different from the Sears guy.

He came over the next day and fixed my fridge.



Having the same problem with a toolchest I ordered. They advertised it on sale, when in fact they had none in the US in stock.

The bait.

They change prices everyday, advertise things they don't have and when you attempt to speak with anyone in customer service, they either disconnect you or blow you off. I agree, they are terrible.


Totally agree with you. My thanksgiving order has been canceled.

I should order from bestbuy with the same price. Sears sucks and they fake story that we can't go through security. *** it! I use same credit card, same billing address and home address for so many orders before and after thanksgiving order, they only cancel thanksgiving one!

Sears sucks, *** sears! Stay away from them!!!!!!! I can't believe that I can't even prove myself is myself with sears, even bank involves. Sears is terrible a cheater.

Their finance department even fake the notes with bank, so they can fake everything.

It is not safe to place order and release credit card information to them! Be careful!

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