I ordered something from Sears, for which was not delivered on time. It was to be here on the 31st of December, and did not come.

I called Sears three times that day, was told that their system was down each time. I called the next day and get this their system was down still. I would like my package.

But what gets me the most is when you do call them they have people that can not even speak English. So my guess is you probably wont even get this, and you wont even answer it because the system is down.

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I know that u mean i ordered some boots and they arives like a week late and i didnt need them anymore its soo ***. :(

you think sears actually reads this site? what world do you live in?

and you're posting on Jan 1st, one day after your package was supposed to be delivered... how do you know its even Sears fault and not the delivery companies? Yes, big companies outsource some people because its cheaper...

so it is hard to understand some of them... cannot is one word by the way...

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