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I own a home in Middletown,N.Y.and used Sears Home Improvements to purchase and install replacement windows for my home in 2005. The windows and the installation came with a 30 year warranty.

After two years I had my first problem with the window installation, the warrantied architectural sealant around several windows was separating and leaving gaps between the window and frame. Sears did not honor the installation warranty they wanted to charge me to reseal the windows. My second problem occurred this September 2009, one of the windows hermetic seal is defective and again Sears refused to honor the Warranty an replace the window without charge to me. They want me to prepay $150 dollars before they will replace the warrantied window.

What good is Sears warranty?

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Installation.

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Life time warranty honor it is a contact shame on you Good customer for years look me up 631-369-9017 WINDOWS It’s. Contact you lied have a good day HELEN O’Donohoe call do the right thing 631-368-9017


I am now having the fourth window replaced due to seal failure. My windows were installed just over 7 years ago by Sears.

The 40 year warranty I was told only covers the cost of the window - not the installation past the two / three year installation guarantee. The customer service rep. advised me a site visit to confirm damage and take measurements i would be charged 169.00 and the return installation another 169.00. I found this charge to be unrealistic and unacceptable given the windows installed are faulty / not the workmanship and as such I am not paying twice for the installation.

I paid to have them put in. After numerous telephone conversations and emails with the Sears service department I gave up and emailed the president of Sears and other executives with a breakdown of my experience and issues.

I am happy to say a response o this email was received within 30 minutes and the defective windows are being replaced at NO CHARGE to me. I am happy to finally have this issue being resolved but must admitt the experience of what I had to go through to have this warranty upheld has left me reluctant to every purchase from Sears again.


2013 same problem even now. 3 year old window interior glass crack from cold weather.

Seal issue , sears want s me too prepay $355 dollars on the phone for service charge which sounds very fishy.... even before they have assessed if its warranty related. Just waiting for the rest of windows to crack now. Good thing i only did half the windows , will never use them again.

They just lost 12000 dollars because of their own stupidity. IF YOU SAY YOU BACK YOUR PRODUCT....

then do it. They will be out of business in 20 years.


Sears has done the same thing to me two times, weep hole is diffective, and have had bad sheetrock, and rotten woood, and they charge $100.00 to fix. The problem is with their window, for what they cost, they should repair for life of window.


:( Why do these people chase down everyone in the store? I am just trying to get to the exit for the mall.


Their service centers make up every excuse not to fix an item. They just keep repeating the same line over and over. NEVER BUY FROM THIS COMPANY AND EXPECT THE WARRANTY OR THE PRODUCT TO LIVE UP TO THE HYPE.


They are starting the same thing with me and my failed seal. There lifetime, any-reason warranty now is a $100 service charge to get someone to come out and look at the window.


Sears has gone downhill & continues to... They have their employees post responses on complaint sites like these to humiliate the complaining consumer.

It is even worse when you complain in their stores to any management (they will publicly humiliate you), and their corporate complaint process is a complete waste of time. Spend your hard earned money anywhere else but Sears...