My wife buys this Cooler and it dies after 1 & 1/2 years. We call Sears Service and finally 2 weeks later the repair guy shows up.

Before he has a chance to take his shoes off the guy is asking me how I am going to pay for the service call and they don't accept cheques.... Not what I was expecting to hear right from the start. After looking and fiddling with the Cooler he decides he has to take it to the shop for repair. 3 weeks later I have to call Sears to check the status and they had to get back to me.

The next day they call and and say the Cooler is non repairable and they offer me $206.00 credit towards a new one. Why on earth would anyone even consider buying another Kenmore Wine cooler when the first one died after 18 months. Bottom Line, Sears would not replace it and they didn't care how good a customer we were. I tried calling a customer manager and they would not do anything for us.

I hope they realize what the true cost of an unsatisfying customer really is. Alicha in customer service did not care she would not give me her last name or customer number.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Repair.

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I don't work for sears..or in retail....but it sounds like your wine cooler was out of warranty...why would they replace it for free i dont understand. If you bought a car and it was out of warranty do you think if it needed service they would do it free...or replace the car? Heck no they would tel you to pound sand and you would end up buying a new car from them, leave with a smile on your face, while they call you sucker behind your back.


Just one question. How long was the warranty?


The one that shocked me was that they do not stand behind their products. I had a craftsman vacuum that gave up the ghost.

I was told that it too was unrepairable. My loss, their gain. When I took back a craftsman screwdriver that the tip had snapped off they were more than happy to replace it.

But they were amazed to learn that I wanted a fuller to replace it. Explaining that a Fuller without the guarantee was better than a Craftsman that was guaranteed to break.


... AND...

this is after we told them that our Water Softener, Refrigerator, Gas Stove, Microwave/Convection Oven AND the Wine Fridge... were all purchased from SEARS... AND... that the Water Softener and Refrigerator ALSO broke down in the past 6 months...

AND... our repair bills to-date were OVER $1,000...

still for the sake of $200 they were not interested... BOO HISS

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