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Was shopping in a Sears store when I saw a big yellow sign that said clearance. I browsed through the items & found several items I could actually use & buy at good price.

So after waiting for the cashier to fiddle on her cash register she's says she can't get the item or price to come up in the register. After 5 minutes of messing around with the register she calls a supervisor.

The supervisor tells her she's not allowed to sell me the item and races to remove them from the rack. I asked with the price and the item numbers on the price tag she said she still can't sell me the item.

I found it rude & ignorant of Sears and the cashier to not honor the price and try to 'cover up' it up like nothing happend almost running me over to get the merchandise off the rack.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Cashier.

Monetary Loss: $2.

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If they were taking the items off the rack then that meant there was a problem with the items. And they were not allowed to be sold.

When that happens with items the register will prevent the sale from going through.

The cashier should of explained that to you and if not them then the Manager should of. Its not that they were trying to not honor the price sign it was that there is a problem with the item(s) and they could not be sold.

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