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Purchased a new Sears Die-Hard Platinum battery for my 2004 Chevy Pickup. After sitting for about 7 days, it was completely dead.

Took it back. They gave me a new one saying the first one was defective. The second battery did the very same--dead after 7 days. I took it back to the Sears store in the Ridgmar mall area of Fort Worth, TX.

After giving me a bad time that their batteries NEVER fail, they gave me my money back as a "customer satisfaction adjustment". Thinking that I may have a short in my truck, I took it to a Chevrolet dealership to check it. After two days of tests--NO shorts, no bad wires, everything was working as it should. BOTTOM LINE: Two Sears Die-Hard Platinum car batteries in a row failed and were defective.

Consumers Reports rated the battery the best there is. They sure didn't see these batteries! OH, and by the way, sears told me AFTER I bought the batteries that a special charger was needed to charge the battery.

The battery was $189.00. Don't Buy it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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mine failed after 14 months sears gave me a new one :)


There's alway an ignorant sort, that blames good products when they'er old junk rig is the only thing that is defective.

I've had a DieHard Platinum in my correct running rig for going on 4 years! I use it for wenching stuck rigs on a weekly basis, with zero problems. This Platinum is the best battery I've ever had, in over 30 years of crawling.


I too have had two battery replacements on the Sears Platinum battery.I have a 2004 a GMC Sierra 2500 truck. Replaced the original battery in 2007 with the primium Sears Die Hard Platinum battery.

In 2008 the truck would not start, took battery back to Sears,tested it -no voltage, got replacement. May 2010-no power but battery tested ok at the top posts. Re-tightened side terminals,ran ok. Today,7-6-10 again no power,fiddled with the connection and realized the problem is the side terminal connection to top post terminal internaly in the battery.

Sears admits and knows this design has problems with side terminal connections but keeps selling them. Got "customer satisfaction" money back. Went to Wal Mart and got their yellow battery. I think the truck engine shaking puts strain on the battery cables which transfers to the internal side terminal connection and cracks the junction.

When testing- take voltage measurements off the side terminals. How I got the truck started was that I ran a jumper cable from the top post to the side post on the negative side when the battery was in the truck.


The Sears DIEHARD Platinum Battery is a good battery, way better than those optima batteries that only offered a *** warranty. I have one in my '70 Monte Carlo, the car sits for a few days in the garage and only let it out when the weather is nice, when I go to turn it on, it fires up like new.

Yes the price is expensive but for the quality it's good.

I can only assume the batteries you got and had to return were a bad batch which is unfortunate :/ It happens, I know from experience.

As for needing a special charger? I've seen it and well personally the only benefit is if you purchased one of those Deepcycle Marine Batteries that need a charge after sitting for months on end of non-usage.

Also I would advise getting it if you don't want to do what I used to do. Before the platinum battery I had a sears gold and whenever it was too weak to start the car (again this is a car that sits for days), I'd take it to Sears, they would test it, charge it up and retest it again for FREE!!!

They offered me the choice of buying a charger/maintainer but I figured why spend the money when they would do it for me for free. It's one of their batteries, they stick by the warranty.