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I got a treadmill at a sears hometown store and it went bad so i took it back to a sears store where i moved to and the store told me they could not except any thing from a hometown sears store. the hometown sears store has the same cash register receipt as the sears store has.

But i was told because i got it at a hometown sears store i would have to take it back there one hundred miles from where i live now. But if i had got it from a sears store i could take it to back any store in the USA.

Monetary Loss: $375.

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Redmond, Oregon, United States #944461

Returning any purchase to Sears, whether or not it's a Home Town Store or a Sears Full-Line Corporate Store depends on each particular item. Depends on the number of days since purchased, depends on if it was a Close-out item.

Normal policy is as follows, 30 Days return to get your money refunded, 90 Days to exchange the item. If it "went bad" as you say, then a repair order should have been offered, regardless of the 100 miles from where it was purchased. Note: A & E is only Contracted to repair items, Home Depot, Lowes and others also hire A & E Repair Services.

I also agree, the Sales Clerks at many Business's leave customer in the dark.

Ardmore, Oklahoma, United States #919599

that is the furthest thing from the truth that ive ever heard. i know it to be true that hometown stores can take back full line store items as can full lines take back HTS items. The associate at the store in which you visited had no knowledge


I stopped dealing with Kmart 16 years ago and now I just have no respect for what was once SEARS .The customer service level thinks

people are *** and suck up to their corporate office for help

where no service and the same I can help emails and angry level surveys with stars are sent out first for feedback and then repeated

with no results.

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #334433

I agree with {we the customer} I have not been in a Sears/Kmart in over 3 years, I call local repair techs for applaince work repair. I relized you had to have a instruction manual to do business with Sears and Kmart and stopped shopping there.

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #333698

Thats your problem not the customers.Why put us all through this guessing game.How do we the customer know all these *** things. I was eating lunch today in a burger king and a A+E factory service tech came in to eat.I heard that they were owned and operated by Sears, I asked him who owned A+E, he told me Sears, I asked him why use A+E name instead of Sears and he said he did not know, he was a new employee and it was just his second month on the job, but he thought it was because they did work for other appliance sellers such as Lowe's and Home Depot. Its just another thing Sears does to keep us the customer confused.


I work at a Hometown Store and this is not the case. The only thing is, is that I can not take stuff back from the other Full Line Sears. Or being an owner operated store, I or my boss will have to eat the difference if this item never sells.

to Count4thme #767498

that is not true. the owner of the hometown store can take anything back from a full line store and get the commission back that he lost on the return.

to greg #856549, we do not get reimbursed.

to None Dekalb, Illinois, United States #1249775

Try using a Sears Rewards Card. I you do not buy something every week the put a hold on the card and force you to deal with their coustomer credit card service.

What a hassle. I have called them 12 times in the last month to unlock the card.

They also did not credit my account for reward points for a $800 dollar item. Sears fights you to see if you have the pstience to actually buy a item.

to None #1338550

As a hometown owner, we cannot even recognize the full line receipt. We used to be able to force a refund, not an more. If are successful, the owner will be charged for the return.

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