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i had a sears card for years paid my account on time and in full, i was in a accident and could not work after months and even over a year i and many many doctor visits and numerous spine surgeries later finally convinced the sears insurer ( Allstate owned by sears ) to pay off my account, it was a total nightmare to complete, after they paid off the account they continued to charge me ins. premiums, un-beknown to me was not smart enough to check, after awhile i got a bill for for past ins prem, and late fees, i called and they told me i had to cancle the ins.

so i called allstate and canceled the in. i also canceled my sears card, the allstate ins. cont. to charge me fees for ins and late fees in the tune of 600.00, i am totaly disabled and cannot work.

so final straw was for me to include them in bankruptcy proceedings. to *** with sears and allstate.

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