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So disappointed in Sears today! Every appliance in my home is from Sears, never considered going any place else. Well 18 months ago I bought a new refrigerator, oven and dishwasher. Only 18 months ago! Last week my dishwasher wasnt working. Repairman came today. $400 to fix my dishwasher that cost me $450!! I didnt get the $179 extended warranty because it was basically half the price of the dishwasher and quite frankly couldnt afford it. I...
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I have bought sears products since 1987 (spent over $200.00) and have always purchased their protection agreements. Over the past 5 years it has taken Sears at least a month to repair something. This time I called about my dish washer. The appoint was for one month out. I told them it was the pump. Sears showed up and said it was the pump and they would have to order the part and would be back in about a month (making it 2 months). Sears came...
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I made a appt with a tech to repair my dishwasher the appt window was from 10am-12pm I called customer service which gave me a different time they originally said to confirm time it's now after 1:pm tech still not here if tech is late a good idea is to let the customer know so we can salvage some our day without spending most of the day just waiting on the tech to appear after the time he was to arrive and the coustmer service reps. Should get...
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