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So disappointed in Sears today! Every appliance in my home is from Sears, never considered going any place else.

Well 18 months ago I bought a new refrigerator, oven and dishwasher. Only 18 months ago! Last week my dishwasher wasnt working. Repairman came today.

$400 to fix my dishwasher that cost me $450!! I didnt get the $179 extended warranty because it was basically half the price of the dishwasher and quite frankly couldnt afford it. I called and spoke to a Supervisor tonight who quite frankly I could not understand her accent. She basically let me know I was indeed an *** for not getting the extended warranty.

Ok, I'll give her that. But really, should an appliance last 18months? The problem with the dishwasher is the electrical control board, seems to me to be a lemon! So already disgusted, having little time to shop around, I go back to Sears tonight to look at a new dishwasher.

Why am I still loyal? Well get this, not one salesperson in the appliance section!! Really? I go to hardware and ask if they can get me a salesperson for appliances.

I was told they called out sick tonight and can I come back another day??? Are you kidding me?? Sears is basically telling me to go across the street to PC Richard!!! I have never had such a horrible experience with Sears ever.

Im not sure if they are going out of business soon, but they will. Me, I just wanted a dishwasher for Thanksgiving. Sears, I've been a loyal customer to you for 20 years. You arent making it easy.

So disappointed in your appliance and service. Please let me know your thoughts, haven't purchased a dishwasher yet. Give me a reason to stay loyal to you.

Sincerely, K. Heath

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Dishwasher Repair.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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