Lockport, Illinois
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That's what the Service Repairman said. "Oh, our dishwashers only last about 10 years. You need a new one."

Recently - the lower arm on my DW quit turning and it was making a noise. The repairman came over. He was here in the house for 10 minutes (Sears said he was here 57 minutes, but he sat in the driveway for a half hour before he came in) - turned on the DW - listened and said it needed a new motor. The estimate to repair was over $500.

Interestingly enough - he came in with no tools just a coupon book for a new DW. Charged me $129. He left, I called another repair service - they fixed it for $171 in less than an hour. It wasn't the motor at all. It works perfectly now. Sears will not refund the $129 - they say. Even though the tech didn't try to fix it, did not get down on his knees to examine it, but did qualify me as a lead for new DW.

I have had an account with this company since 1984. I was obviously ripped off and customer service stonewalled me and said "they understood, but couldn't refund my money for the bogus service

Customer Service claims that I handled this wrong. I should have called them back and had another Sears repairman look at this. I guess it is my fault that they won't stand by their product or their service. If I were Sears, I would be more interested in keeping me as a customer, finding out what the *** the repairman did while he was here and why my terrific Kenmore DW wasn't fixed or correctly diagnosed by the best *** home repair service in the country. I guess they need the $129 more than I do.

Any ideas on best social media outlets to get this story out?

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