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Update by user Apr 16, 2012

UPDATE: RESOLVED 4/9/12 - Repair completed free of charge. Customer service rep/ scheduler was friendly, courteous, efficient.

Repair person replaced the control board & installed a new light panel with thermostatic override. You can call to see if you qualify for resolution @ 1-888-567-3438

Original review posted by user Mar 18, 2011

What would YOU do if you came home to find a strong odor (that of burnt plastic) in your house and traced it to an overheated light fixture in your fridge? Both fridge doors were firmly shut, but the interior light remained on. The plastic casing of the light fixture melted. The food items on top shelf were hot. Owners very concerned re:fire hazard.

Numerous calls placed to Sears. Note: with the Kenmore Elite Trio, there is well documented safety issue with "light fixture overheating" due to faulty relay in the main circuit board". Yet is not a recalled item.

The first Sears rep. said there is no recall, and quoted a $75 diagnostic fee plus an optional $250 fee for package which included extended warranty.

ALL personnel (a CSR, a repair dept, recall dept, resolution dept, and supervisor) reiterated that payment is required to correct this issue.The last person said to call Kenmore directly, and the same script was read.

I am concerned for my safety, and for the safety of others. This fire hazard has a great potential to cause injury and loss of life. When will it be acknowledged as a dangerous flaw and officially be recalled?

Lastly, why are Sears/ Kenmore consumers being being victimized TWICE -

receiving an unsafe product, then being charged to remove fire safety risk?

Any ideas? Please advise.

Seriously Irked with Sears

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Repair.

Monetary Loss: $3.

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called the 1 888 536 6673 number and sears says the issue is officially under recall now. Parts sent to house and appointment made by sears for the install, free of charge.

Make sure you have your model# and serial # when you call.


I have the same issue. The plastic is melted and now the light bulbs don't even work. Along with the notorious Err FF code...this fridge is the masterpiece of minimalism


Call this number 1888 536 6673 Kenmore will send the part and somebody free at charge to fix your light issue. Sears steal!!!! they will charge u $250 for warranty.


I have had the same issue. Because I purchased my refrigerator from Sears in 2006, it is, of course, out of warranty.

I am having someone from Sears come out on Wed. for $99, and then, I'm assuming I will have to purchase parts.

I won't buy from Sears again, nor will I buy a Kenmore. But what can I do about the one I have that has melted the butter into a liquid and smells like it is about to break into flames?


Most people would eliminate the immediate melting and fire risk by simply unscrewing the light bulb.


On 11/16/2013, my kenmore refrigerator got in fire at rear (probably compressor part), I have contacted sears customer care team, but no solving with just 'there is always the possibility that this

may occur. While it is unfortunate that this problem has arisen, we do

offer the option of purchasing our protection agreements both at the

time of purchase, and when the warranty expires, in order to safeguard

your investment.'

is this common for fire case ?



Thank you for posting this entry. I just had the same thing happen to my Kenmore Elite and will try calling the Sears "REWORK" number you posted.


WE have the same issue. Sears claims they will fix it, but they can't locate the part.

Meanwhile, we've been without our fridge for over a week! :(


Addendum/ clarification: I gave up after the initial week of unsuccessful attempts to have fridge repaired free of charge. My husband removed the bulb to prevent further episodes of overheating.

We could locate most items we needed in fridge with available room light. If not, a flashlight came in handy. Approx a year later, the company contacted me and promptly resolved the issue. So to answer your question, yes, a year went by.

But in their defense, I was not pursuing resolution for a full year. I dropped it after the first week.


Did this take a year to resolve?




Same thing happened to us. Called the number below and they immediately said theybwould order the kit and repair next week.

No charge. Does anyone know if this kit fixes the problem?


Same issue happen to us and our food was total because of the faulty interior light that stayed on and melted the plastic. The first time it happened, I just went to the SEARS repair store and purchased a replacement plastic part, then it happened to me and now it is when I realized this was a very serious safety issue that needed to be addressed to SEARS or KENMORE.

I called but they never called back as they promessed to me, then kept calling and kept talking to reps but nothing was solved. Finally I great rep re-directed my call to SEARS Cusrtomer Solution Center (1.888.949.7181) and put me on a conference call with a who knows name guy, and he told me that SEARS were aware of this Re-call issue and he ordered replacement parts to be delivered to my house within 5 business days or so.

He mentioned to call them back as soon as I receive the parts at home to schedule an appointment with their technicians to come over an install them...We'll see. This is a serious hazard issue and everybody that owns A Kenmore Elite Refrigerator needs to beware that potential fire may occur when the interior lights won't go off when the doors are closed....besides wasting your food because it gets too hot inside the refrigerator.


I called today with the same issue and Kenmore immediately acknowledged a recall on this issue. We have to wait 3-5 business days for parts, but they will perform repair for no charge.

I have a two week old newborn, so I was stressed when finding warm milk at 3am! With the bulbs unscrewed enough to kill the light, it should pull through.

when encountering the problem for the first time, DO NOT DELAY in removing the cover and getting the bulbs out. I smelled the burning and did nothing for a few hours and the removal plastic over was fused to the housing requiring me to break it free.


I had the same thing happen today. The 888 number listed below kept me on hold for 10 minutes then hung up on me.....TWICE! Does anyone have a better number to call?


We just had this problem today. I called Sears and they're fixing it, no charge, because it's a known problem across the board. My specific model wasn't listed, but they're repairing it anyway.


I had this same issue happen to me yesterday, April 22, 2012. I called Sears immediately upon discovering the problem and was pretty much told that there are no recalls and I had two options.

Pay a $75 service call fee plus parts and labor or purchase a 1 year service contract for $250+.

Continued to do some research this morning and after calling Kenmore direct (at the number listed above), there really is a recall on the Elite Trio refrigerator for this exact problem. Kenmore has ordered the parts I need and a service technician will come to the house and replace parts FREE OF CHARGE.


I had the same problem with my 2008 trio frig. I contacted our local sears service dept and the guy had no idea what I was talking about but said for either $70 for the tech to come out and exam the refrigerator or $269 to put a year warranty effective immediately - he could help me.

I told him I'd use a flashlight to find my food before I'd pay Sears a dime for THEIR RECALL. (I removed the bulbs immediately when I smelled "heat" and found the light not shuting off). I then called Kenmore at 1-888-536-6673 who apologized for Sears - ordered the two parts to be sent to my home and scheduled a tech to do the 20 minute installation on the 13th of April.

ALL FREE OF CHARGE!!!!! Sears should be ashamed!!!!28Q


When will you people learn, Sears does not make any appliances,they order them from other manufachers and have here kenmore name tag put on them, its your applaince now, not Sears.Look at your model number call a parts and repair place and ask them who the manufacher is and contact that manufacher, not Sears.Dont be so dumb.Those cars that were sold with those faulty firestone tires,it was not the car dealer dumb bell, but the tire manufacher.


I recently had this same problem with my Kenmore Elite Trio refrigerator. Had I not noticed the light was on we could have had a fire.

The metal plate around the light was so hot that I burned my fingers trying to remove the light bulbs. Is this something Sears is going to address or does something worse that burned fingers have to happen.