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I hate SEARS. Never buy from them because they do not stand by there products.

I bought a mattress and box spring from Sears in 2001. Now the bed is wire frame is broken and it is sagging very badly.

Sears sent a man to look at the mattress and he took pictures and wrote all the problems down. He said that he would be submitting everything that day which was a Friday.

Monday comes and I get a call that I bought the bed in 1993 and they would not cover anything on the bed.

My husband called to inform them that the mattress was purchased in 2001 and we paid full price. The the mattress also comes with a 10 year none pro-rated warranty.

So my husband called to inform this to them and he was told the computer is down and that someone should be calling the next day.

So here is the next day and I phoned just to get everything moving. I was informed that someone from another department will be looking at the file and get back in a couple days.

I asked to speak to the person who takes who will be looking into it and was told they do not speak to the public. So I asked for a supervisor and was told everyone in that department is a supervior and I have call the highest department. Boy what a joke.

In the spring my dryer that I purchased from them broke down. So I called service to get is fixed. After 4 different service men came it was still not working. Again no one would speak to me on this matter.

I am disabled and taking my clothes to the laundry mat is not very easy. I informed Sears of this and I got sorry.

How can a company send 4 different service men with at least one to two weeks apart and not be able to fix my dryer. I was told in an email from

Sears that a would get a $40.00 gift certificate for my troubles.

I never got the gift certificate and my husband fixed the dryer.

So here I sit waiting and waiting for Sears to do the right thing. (ha ha what a joke)

Never again will I buy any major item from them.

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