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I had purchased a stove from the Sears Hardware store in Eastlake Ohio about 10 months ago or so. Everything was working fine until about 2 weeks ago. The ignitor went out on one of my burners. So I called the service center and explained the situation to them. I was asked if I purchased a protection agreement with them. I said no I didn't because I don't believe in them.

I was told well then there is nothing we can do for you. I was livid at this point. I said what do you mean there is nothing you can do I was told there was a 1 year warranty with it. This is the part that still fumes me, the lady on the phone actually told me that if I didn't have the protection agreement we don't care about your product. DON'T CARE???

That wasn't the end of it. Once I calmed down enough I called the store I purchased it from. I talked to someone (I forget the person's name) in appliances and again explained the situation. Take a wild guess and what I was told by the associate: without a protection agreement on it we don't care.

I am still livid to this day with that kind of responce. I mean how can a company like Sears still be in business with people like that working for them? I use to buy Kenmore and Craftsman products going on for probably 40 years now, not to mention my father and grandfather were loyal Sears customers.

Sears rest assured that I will be telling this tale to everyone I see and let them know just exactly how you view your customers, as pieces of slime.

Show Sears? Never again.

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