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Sunday 9/11/11 Sears delivered and installed a Maytag washer. The technician told me to run the first load with bleach and water only. I read all of the instructions and followed them to a T.

The washer did not fill after I put in my first load. After 30 minutes of waiting for the washer to fill. I unplugged the washer and let it reset. To my surprise it filled. However, it stopped before spinning. I decided to wait and call Sears on Monday.

Later on Sunday night I walked into my son's room and to my surprise it was flooded!!! I turned on the fan and dropped my thermostat to 60 degrees.

Monday 9/12/11 I called Sears and explained the situation. The person that I was speaking to was obviously reading from a script. He kept trying to send someone out to "repair" my washer. Why would I need a brand new washer "repaired"? I told him that preferred a new one. He agreed to send someone out with a new washer four days later!!! My son only has 1 clean uniform at this point.

The customer service rep set up a damage claim and told me to wait 72 hours before being contacted. I explained that that my son has severe allergies, autism, and he is pre-asthmatic. I also told him that this situation will lead to to mold. He continued to read from his script.

9/13/2011 I noticed that more water was in my sons bedroom and my wood floors in the hall are now damaged. I called Sears back 3 times. I was hung up on by customer service "Nicki". I called back again and I was told to continue to wait for a claims rep to contact me.

It is now 9/14/2011 all I have is a broken washer, piles of dirty laundry. damaged wood floors, wet stinky carpet, a very upset son (children with Autism prefer to stick to a routine) and a breeding ground for mold.

I contacted Sears on twitter. I did not receive a response. At this point I'm not surprised.

I guess I should contact my insurance company.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sears Claim.

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RWH, I'm sorry that you had to experience that. It's so upsetting this has been a long weekend because my son has been all out of sorts because he can't go into his room. Everything is disrupted in my house.

Thanks for the advice


Thanks JC. I have contacted my insurance company and we are still in the drying process.

Hopefully, I never have to experience anything like this again but if I do I will contact my insurance company immediately. Now I just hope Sears/Maytag is quick to return my deductable.


Do not waste your time calling Sears about the water damage to your floors. I ran into the situation where Sears installed a new refrigerator with ice maker connection connected too tight.

During the night the connection broke and ruined parquet flooring in three adjoinging rooms. When I called Sears, I was called that each small town store was a franchise, and they could do nothing about it. I finally turned it over to my insurance company and they threatened to sue the local Sears store. The day before we were to go to court, my insurance company called and said that the local Sears store had settled out of court.

This happened about ten years ago, and I have not bought anything from Sears since.

My thinking it that if they do this to enough long time customers, they will eventually got bankrupt - which is exactly what they deserve. My advice is to contact your insurane company immediately and they will have your floor fixed and then turn around and sue Sears for their money.


Always go to ur insurance first. Sears or any retailer won't know how to handle a situation like this.

A little water for a few hours (not days) can cause severe damage to the entire home. Everything will need to be ripped out.

Your insurance will go after Sears and/or the subcontractor for you if they are at fault.You need to turn the water valves off where they connect to the washer hoses. If more water continues it is a whole nother problem

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