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I bought a Sears Die-Hard Gold battery($94) in 3/2007 and it died last week and i had to buy another battery at WalMart. I put the WalMart battery in my car and it started again.

I brought the dead battery to Sears and asked for a replacement as promised in their 5 years warranty, they refused it and they recharged the dead battery and told me to take it home forget about the warranty!. I angrily left the battery at the store.

I think they are really *** because nobody can revive a dead battery! This is a second time in 5 years i have trouble with Sears Die-Hard battery!.


Monetary Loss: $94.

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Sear suck i buy die hard shoe only 2 mount old and they its say 90 days guaranty that bull ***


I bought a marine battery less than a year ago, tried to have it replaced because it is bad, sears in this area does not deal with batteries. Kmart here does, but will not warranty it because i don't have the receipt from them.

Even though he looked up the date code and said it is within the warranty period. I called the customer service number, they said the same thing. I asked him where else i would have bought it, he said he understands they are the only dealers, but if its not in the computer, too bad. I will go back to interstate or even napa batteries from now on.

At least they will exchange them anywhere in the country.

It looks like kmart and sears both are going down hill fast. Craftsmen tools don't need a receipt, just take one in and exchange it.


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Look forget about it.....don't buy from SEARS no more...instead go get it from COSTCO......they for sure will replace it NO QUESTION ASK......I always get my car battery from them..... :(


First for everything? Sears charged me $19.99 to install battery that was covered under warranty.

I have never ever paid to have warranty battery installed. This was my 3rd Sears battery that failed. Clerk told me I would only be charged one time.

Others waiting in line so did not pursue at the time? I have talked to others who told me they did not pay to have pay for instalation.


I had bought a alternator and battery from sears less then 2 years ago. I had to bring the car back around 7 months ago to get the alternator replaced again because the bearing was making a squeezing sound.

So they replaced that, i went back to sears today to get another alternator because this one broke. So I asked about the warrenty. EVERYONE there said the alternator has a lifetime warrenty but the labor was only covered for 6 months . So the total cost of labor was 90 bucks.

I then asked if I can take he new alternator home and replace it my self because it's quite easy and I didn't want to play for labor, try then said no u can either pay for US to put it in or go buy a new one yourself for 250 bucks. So I asked quite a few workers about me bringing it home. One said yes one said no one had to think about it.... Then the manager said you know what, you Alternator is no longer lifetime warranty it's only good for 2 YEARS.

So long story short I ended up paying for then to put it in and my warrenty ends in a few months..... Because I asked to many questions


Sears warranty is useless. We bought an extended warranty for over $1000 on all of our appliances.

We've had problems with our dishwasher for 5 months now. 4 service calls, 5 parts replaced, and they REFUSE to replace the piece of ***. It is unfixable, yet they say they cannot replace it because they do not have the "authorization" to replace it.

When asked who does, they all point to someone else, and yet they all say the same thing. I WILL NEVER AGAIN BUY ANYTHING FROM SEARS AND WILL SPREAD THE WORD EVERYWHERE I CAN ABOUT HOW AWFUL THIS COMPANY IS.


You're complaining about Sears stores but which ones. I deal with the store in Crestwood Plaza in St.

Louis and have not had these problems. Complain to Sears headquarters and they will investigate and fire!


Went to sears for a Die hard battery. Asked for gold sears die hard, on sale. Was sold a cheaper die hard with low warranty. Same price. Young kid didn't know what he was doing. Left hold down bracket off, threw it away. Had him get & install. But, failed to check again. He just set it on top of battery.

They checked car charge system - good.

Within 3 mo's had to call AAA twice. Took

Back to sears, they said no problem. Charged & gave back charging me $15.00 again.

I have used die hard batteries for many years. No longer, sears auto center Indiana - Rude, Lie, Don't know what they are doing.

Charging for what didn't need. Not giving me what I asked for, but over charging me for the better battery.

Installed a cheaper smaller batt. Works fine.

Needed some other items from Sears that night. They lost a $300.00 sale that night.

Will go other places to get what I need from now on. Sears Service Sucks.


See when i went to sears at 645 they refuse to open the door becase they close at 7. I went to autozone and bought my new battery. I will go there from now on as I have 5 cars


Bought a battery at sears with the 5yr diehard warranty 2.5yrs ago. Battery died the other day. Got the car jumped- brought it to Sears where they told me there was nothing wrong with the battery!!

They then tried to convince me that I had left a light on in the car and drained it (I absolutely did not I always check) and talked down to me because I was a woman in a minivan with a dead battery. Oh I was so mad!

I left there with the car running but without the new battery. Needless to say I was PISSED when the car didn't start AGAIN the next day! Called AAA auto, they came out, did a diagnostic on the battery, checked to see if I was losing battery life through the alternator or elsewhere (I was not) and gave me a printout showing that the battery was bad.

Needless to say my new battery is NOT from Sears. Seriously incompetent and rude. I don't care that I still have a few years on the warranty- after how they treated me the other day I am not stepping foot in Sears Auto again.





If he replaced the battery with one from another store and it's working fine, then he was right, the battery wasn't working. Sears should have done what it takes to make him happy.


My 'Die Hard' died with 36 months left on a 100 month warranty. Took it to Sears and because it showed 12 volts, they said it was a good battery. They didn't perform a load test, otherwise would have found how wrong they were. While waiting for them to prounounce my battery well and good, I heard their employees tell three different people on the phone that while checking the cars they dropped off for service, the Sears mechanics 'found something... which was going to result in more repairs than anticipated.' Hmmm.. doesn't this sound familiar?

Anyway, even with the original receipt, Sears refused to pro-rate the battery, and said I would have to bring the vehicle in for complete inspection. I know enough about cars to know that all I needed was a new battery.

So, I let Sears keep their money and am giving them free adverstising in return. Oh, by the way, I put a new Napa battery in the truck and it's worked perfectly ever since.

Don't go to Sears for auto work unless you feel like throwing money down the toilet!


Had a Die Hard Gold die after 2 1/2 years. Drove into Sears.

They looked up the purchase on the computer...no receipt was necessary. Found it, checked the battery, found it dead and replaced it at no charge within 20 minutes.

Not sure what people are doing, but I've been using them for years and normally do what it says they will within the gauranty. Good luck...just follow the yellow brick road and you'll get there.


You should of just took the battery back to Sears. I know at least in Michigan, Sears is open Mon - Sat 8am-9pm and on Sunday from 10am - 7pm. We have great hours for our customers to easily utiliize.


I bought a car with a sears die hard battery dated 02-07.The battery is bad now after 17 months and sears says because I have no reciept the warranty is void. Never will I own another die hard.



no need to test the alternator, they test the battery off the car. They just told me my six month old battery was no good and they would not honor the warranty because I didn't buy it. It came with the used car I bought.




The question is did somebody clearly point out to the customer that Sears wants to check things like the alternator for the warranty to be honored.

Granted,a bad alternator can cause a battery to die but is Sears using that premise as a get out of jail free card or did somebody neglect/misrepresent the fact that they want you to bring the car in when selling the battery.